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Government regulations, high fuel cost, reduced hours of service and increasing insurance rates are making it more difficult than ever for trucking firms to make a profit. In this article, we’ll share with you the top three ways to slash the high cost of trucking insurance.

#1- Avoid accidents and violations. Obviously, this is the number one way to control your insurance costs. Accidents are going to happen. Some are preventable and avoidable though. Proper maintenance and staying alert can help prevent the majority of accidents on the road.

#2– Shop around. Or better yet, use one agent that can do the shopping for you that has access to all of the major trucking insurance companies. Rates can vary greatly year to year and you need an agent that can shop for you every year keeping your rates as low as possible for the long term.

#3- Use an agent that specializes in protecting small trucking firms. Most trucking insurance agencies focus their attention on the larger trucking firms. If you have less than 25 power units, you’re most likely not going to be a priority to them. Get an agent that specializes in protecting smaller trucking firms and you’ll get the attention you deserve year in and year out!

In addition to these top 3 ways to slash the cost of trucking insurance, we offer a free SMS pre-alert notification service for our clients. High SMS scores can be costly and we have found that many small trucking firms can’t monitor this regularly so as a partner with our clients, we help by notifying you before your scores reach alert status. You can learn more here.

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