3 Ways to Save Money on Boat InsuranceNow that the summer months are upon us, expect to see many more boats line the waters and witness people having a good time. In fact, if you are a boat owner, then you are probably one of those people who love to experience the thrill of your boat and the water, with family and friends. Shopping for boat insurance may not be one of the most thrilling things you do, so signing up for the cheapest, most advertised rate may seem like the easiest. The quicker you can sign up for that “cheap” rate, the quicker you can get on your boat for some real fun, right? Well, not so fast. You can actually get excellent insurance coverage for your boat and still save money if you know 3 ways to save on boat insurance and still get the coverage you need and deserve.

Tips to Navigate Savings

If you do your homework on your boat insurance, you can rest assured that you can get the boat insurance to protect you and your boat, whether you are on or off the water, within a budget you can afford. Below are ways to help save money, but not limited to:

  1. Take a Boating Safety Course- Insurance companies often reward discounts for boat owners who complete boating basics or safety courses. In most states, boaters need to pass an approved course of basic skills, knowledge, and proficiency before they can even legally operate a boat. If you already have, check with your N.C. independent insurance agent on whether the course you took qualifies you for a discount. You can never be too safe while on a boat.
  2. Think Multi-Policy Discount- Whenever you bundle insurance policies under one roof, you will be eligible for a discounted insurance rate. Contact your independent insurance agent to find out just how much you could save if you bundled home, auto, boat or any other insurance policy. Your N.C. independent insurance agent can make sure you have the right coverage for ALL of your insurance needs at an affordable price.
  3. Let Your N.C. Independent Insurance Agent Shop for You- Make sure your agent is an independent agent who is also a boat specialist. This way, your N.C. independent insurance agent can shop your boat insurance for the best rate by comparing quotes from some of the top insurance carriers around. Paramount Insurance Agency is an independent insurance agency, which has been insuring boats/boaters since 1994. We will not only offer superior customer service, but also top-rated boat insurance at a budget that you approve.

Before you set sail this summer, make sure you are properly informed, have adequate insurance coverage, and then have all the fun you deserve. Be safe!