4 Homeowners Insurance Coverages You Probably Don't HaveOne thing you must know when you are looking for N.C. homeowners insurance coverage is that not all homeowners insurance policies are built the same. While many advertisers claim to have the cheapest price around, those cheaper policies may also leave you with the most coverage gaps in your coverage, potentially leaving you responsible for out of pocket expenses. Before you sign on the dotted line for your homeowners insurance, make sure you know 4 important homeowners insurance coverages you may not have, but should consider.

Utility Line Insurance Coverage- If you experience a water/sewer pipe break that results in damages to your home, your typical N.C. homeowners insurance policy would exclude coverage for this; however, with this type of additional coverage, you would have coverage for situations, resulting in damages, from the following:

  • Drain Pipes
  • Sewer Pipes/Lines
  • Natural Gas Pipes
  • Underground Power Lines
  • Underground Electrical Wires
  • And More

This type of protection won’t be found in a “one size fits all” homeowner policy. 

Equipment Breakdown Coverage- This additional type of insurance extends coverage to household items that normally are excluded and include things like air conditioning/heating systems, electrical pumps, along with sound systems such as televisions and stereo components that may end up breaking down due to electrical or mechanical failure. 

Personal Cyber Protection Coverage- Cyber crimes are becoming more prevalent in our computer-generated society, so it is recommended you take appropriate measures to protect yourself against personal cyber hacking. Cyber hackers are trained in many complex avenues to get into your computerized data and steal your information, leaving you vulnerable to identity theft and potential loss of your assets, reputation, and credit. This endorsement provides coverage for the following:

  • Costs associated with defamation of your character/reputation
  • Costs to recover your stolen data and identity
  • Expenses associated with fraud investigation/recovery associated with online shopping/sales
  • Expenses to investigate and recover your personal funds that have been stolen

Flood Insurance Coverage- Many people believe their standard N.C. homeowners policy provides coverage for flood damages, but coverage is specifically excluded and requires separate coverage. Imagine residing in an area that is considered low-risk for flooding, yet a rare, torrential rainstorm comes through and causes damages to your home as well as the contents in your home. This endorsement is designed for homes in low-risk flood areas, that without, could leave you with a coverage denial of your claim. 

Added Protection for a Nominal Fee

Paramount Insurance understands that every homeowner has different needs and we only want you to pay for the coverage options that you may need. We take into account the most protection available for your specific needs at a price that is affordable, so you are fully protected against those losses that may be astronomical. Call us TODAY at 866-869-3335 with any questions concerning your current N.C. homeowners insurance policy or questions you may have regarding possible endorsements you may need. You may be surprised to find out how economical these added coverage options are in comparison to the peace of mind that comes with it.