Are Your Valuables Adequately Protected?Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and that means you may be on the receiving or giving end of some beautiful jewelry pieces.  Your gifts of past and present are treasured and the thought of losing these pieces or having them stolen would be devastating. Your grandmothers pearl necklace, the emerald ring gifted to you by your spouse, or any other beloved valuable(s) you have are all meaningful and cherished.  Imagine something happening to these prized possessions and then ask yourself whether your valuables are adequately protected.

True Story

Nobody likes to consider the unimaginable, but it’s time you do!  Home break-ins happen all too often, leaving the victim(s) violated and threatened, not to mention heartbroken from having their valuables stolen. Imagine going out of town for a weekend and failing to set your alarm system.  During that time, someone breaks in around the back of your home and steals all your china, silver, and every piece of jewelry ever owned.  The burglars took their time to make sure nothing was left of any value, so upon your return, you can imagine the shock and devastation.  Regrettably so, the homeowners did not have any type of endorsement for personal belongings and therefore, were only granted the very limited coverage allowed under their N.C. homeowners insurance policy for jewelry and other valuables stolen.  The amount allowed does not come close to covering the value of your prized possessions.

Protect Your Valuables TODAY with an Endorsement

If you have valuables in your home (firearms, jewelry, furs, valuable art, rare coin collections, etc.) you need to know that a standard N.C. homeowners policy has very specified limits of coverage for your valuables for theft or loss, that most likely will be inadequate to replace those items.  In an effort to ensure you have the protection you need, you can call our offices to inquire about an endorsement that can be added to your N.C. homeowners insurance policy.

This type of endorsement is called a scheduled personal articles endorsement and will extend the coverage for those valuables you hold dear to your heart.  With this type of add-on coverage, you can rest assured if something like the above scenario occurs, you will be compensated for the replacement/established value of your valuables listed on the endorsement.

Helpful Tips to Protect Your Treasures  

  • Do a home inventory- Go room to room and take an inventory of your valuables such as jewelry, cameras, firearms, etc.
  • Document your valuables- Take photos of your treasures and valuables. Document the brand, make and model and any receipts you may have indicating the purchase price and date of purchase.  Also, it is recommended to have appraisals done approximately every three years to reflect your valuables’ worth.
  • Call us at 336-869-3335- Contact us, your N.C. independent insurance agent, to discuss all your valuables and the adequate protection deserved. We will assist you in establishing the true replacement value of your possessions and can endorse them for that amount, in exchange for a nominal fee.

Taking preemptive measures to protect your valuables is key; however, losses still can happen.  That’s why it is essential you contact us today so we can prepare today for what may happen tomorrow.  If you have any questions on the policy provisions, exclusions, and conditions of your N.C. homeowners insurance policy or any questions or concerns involving the add-on protection for your valuables, call us right away.