Roofer subcontractorYour roof is a crucial component of your home and if you have ever experienced a leaking roof, you know you must act quickly before the damages worsen, but if you are a homeowner that has been a victim of storm damages or just simply need a new roof, don’t fall victim to certain roofing scams that are becoming more prevalent. Before you open your door to the next salesman, beware of roofing scams that could be financially devastating and could leave your roof and wallet worse than before.

Scammers Can Create Their Own Hurricane of Damages

This type of scenario happens all the time. A hurricane hits a specified area producing catastrophic damages to homes in the path of the storm, leaving people without power, along with damaged homes and roofs. Then, suddenly there are barrages of workers who claim to be eager to repair or replace your roof, not only at an economical price, but also in a timely fashion.

Somewhat desperate to proceed, you agree only to later find out you have been scammed. That seemingly trustworthy roofer asked for a deposit of $1500 to buy supplies and you handed over the money, never to see him again.

Common Roofing Scam Ploys Include:

Roofer/Salesman asking for a down payment- This is a very common scam utilized by scammers to get fast money. Once you hand them the money, they vanish and can no longer be found. Never offer any amount of money to a so-called “roofer”, until the job is complete.

Roofer/Salesman asking for your insurance check- This is a popular scam that involves handing over your insurance check to the salesman, and then they disappear into thin air. The insurance company may make a partial payment for roof repairs and then execute the final payment once the repairs are complete. The scammers may convince you to “hand it over” so they can buy supplies and then disappear, leaving you minus a roof and the insurance check. To avoid this scam, never make a down payment of any kind to a roofing company or at best, only once you have the roofing supplies delivered to your home.

Roofer offering a “free” roof- Remember this…nothing is free and if someone shows up at your door and offers you a free roof, run. This is another popular scam that “roofers” utilize to acquire money fast, without having to do much work, other than falsifying damages to your roof.

Their scam is to show up at your door with an offer of a “free” roof. While inspecting your roof, they cause their own damages to enhance any previous damage or even show you pictures of roof damages that aren’t even yours and then submit these “fake” damages to the insurance company. Now you have a claim submitted to your insurance company that perhaps was falsified and could eventually lead to higher insurance premiums or maybe even a policy cancelation.

To avoid this type of scam, always contact your local N.C. independent insurance agent and ask for a roof inspection, research the company who is offering something “free,” and never sign anything until you have confirmed their identity and reputation.

Roofers who are storm-chasers- This scam is the one most often publicized, especially after hurricane disasters hit an area. These people literally seek out homeowners in a designated area and set out to scam them during times of trouble and need. All homeowners are targets, but these storm-chasers tend to focus on elderly people with older homes who are desperate to get their roofs repaired or replaced. These people know how the insurance companies work in terms of roof replacement during catastrophic damages and try to exploit people in need.

If you fall victim to this sort of scam, you may get that new roof, but in a few years, you may have issues involving the roof and this person(s) will no longer be around. So you end up with a “less than par” roof that needs replacing in about 5 years or so. To avoid this type of scam, ask to visually inspect their insurance license and do thorough research on the validity of the business, which includes visual inspection of the actual business and confirmation of their reputation.

Roofing scams happen all the time so be careful during times of need or just in general when you begin to seek a reputable roofer to repair or replace your existing roof. Paramount Insurance Agency is here to assist you with any questions you may have regarding any roof issues you may have or questions regarding these types of scams. Call us TODAY at 866-869-3335.