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Boating Season and Safety Measures

Young woman holding helm of a boat.

Soaring temperatures and summer days are perfect times for boating.  In fact, the growing trend the last few years reflects a spike in recreational boat sales which means more lakes/waters are filled with people enjoying fun and sun on their boats.  However, a fun-filled boat day can turn disastrous in a matter of seconds if safety doesn’t remain a priority.  Before you climb aboard you need to make sure safety is number one on your radar.

The good news is that while statistics reveal that boat sales are up, fatalities, injuries, and accidents resulting from boat outings are actually on the decline.  In a concentrated effort to continue this trend, here are some simple reminders in regard to boating season and safety measures.

Some Do’s and Don’ts Pertaining to Safety Measures During Boating Season

DO Perform Routine Maintenance on Your Boat- Before you hit the water, make sure you do a maintenance check on your boat.  Having your boat malfunction or stall on the water is a sure way to halt the fun. By doing this, you can ENJOY the day and not worry that the boat will not operate correctly.

DO Consider the Weather- In the summer, the weather can change quickly.  Before you climb on board, make sure you check the weather advisory for any chance of storms or high wind alerts, regardless of the length of the outing.

DON’T Consume Alcohol- If you are operating the boat, don’t consume alcohol.  Keep in mind that boating can be more fun and safer for all when you prioritize safety.  Alcohol reduces reaction time and skews judgment, so just say NO!

DO Avoid Distractions- Distracted boat drivers are NOT safe drivers.  Put down the phone and any other distractions that prohibit safety.

DON’T Speed- Speeding is not recommended on the waters as others are also trying to enjoy their outings too.  Driving erratically or speeding can turn catastrophic in an instant.  Consider the safety of your passengers and others on the water.

DO Keep Necessary Safety Equipment on Board- Keep inventory of all the items recommended for boating safety such as:

  • Fire extinguishers
  • Life Jackets
  • VHF Radio(s)
  • Emergency Radio Beacon
  • Navigation Tools
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector (if there are enclosed areas)
  • Signal Lights/Flares
  • Anchor

DO Make Sure Everyone Has a Life Jacket- All passengers should wear life jackets that fit properly, including pets that are on board.  Most boat-related drownings result from those not wearing a life jacket.

The staff at Paramount Insurance Agency understands how much fun boating can be; however, your safety and protection are our main concerns.  Contact us at 336-869-3335 to discuss all your boating needs and concerns for safety.  We can provide the necessary insurance protection for all your boating needs so you can focus on FUN!