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Trucking Insurance and Common Mistakes

If you are currently in the trucking business or looking to do a startup business in the future, you need to invest in the right type of insurance protection.  Protection for your livelihood is key if you want to be successful in your business so it is essential to find the best insurance for a value you can afford.  Imagine starting a new trucking business and beginning the search for insurance only to find the one that sounded too good to be true was a “cookie cutter” insurance policy that provided many holes in the coverage you needed.  Before you sign on the dotted line, beware and try to know trucking insurance and common mistakes [...]

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Auto Scams Involving Collision, Towing and Repairs

When you take your car to a repair shop, many people just assume that the repair operators/owners are looking out for your best interest; but what you may not know or want to hear, is many of them are out for their OWN interest!  Unfortunately, this sort of dishonesty is becoming more prevalent which is only adding to the U.S. insurance fraud issue.  Scam alert…there are many types of auto scams involving collision, towing, and repairs, so beware and watch out. Common Auto Scams Involving Collision, Towing, and Repairs to Avoid If you need repairs to your vehicle, need a tow truck, or have been involved in a car accident, you need to look out [...]

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Is Your Business Auto Covered Under Your Personal Auto Policy?

This past year has looked different than most years in many ways.  Due to the Pandemic, more people have been working from home and many people have decided to explore being their own bosses.  Running your own business has its perks, but many things need to be considered before this happens.  For example, depending upon the type of business you are running, have you considered what that means for whether your business auto is covered under your personal auto policy?  As your life changes, so might your N.C. auto insurance needs. Consider the Usage of Your Business Auto As a new business owner, you need to consider any type of changes pertaining to the usage [...]

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Pothole Damages

If you drive your car with any regularity, you have encountered potholes on the road, especially during the winter months where snow, ice and wet weather are prevalent.  Potholes are caused by the streets freezing, thawing, and eventually cracking, which allows water to seep under the crack.  Hitting one of these potholes can be very damaging to your vehicle and you may find yourself at an auto repair shop to repair the damages. While you can’t prevent potholes in the road, you can find ways to avoid pothole damages to your car Common Types of Damages Caused by Potholes Following a snowstorm that covered the roads, you get into your car to drive to the [...]

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Handling a Total Loss

You probably get into your car every day without giving much thought to having an accident.  But with more traffic on the roads and more distracted drivers, it’s no surprise that auto accidents are continuing to rise.  If you get into a car accident and your car is deemed a total loss, will you know what to do?  Handling a total loss does not need to be confusing and as stressful if you know what to do and the basis of how a total loss is determined.  In fact, the more you know the faster you can get back on the road! With the soaring costs of auto parts and labor to fix damaged vehicles, [...]

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What College Students Should Know If Involved in an Auto Accident

Preparing for your son or daughter to go to college comes with many concerns so parents must formulate a plan of action to address certain responsibilities.  Being a college student means your child will now be living independently.  One of your biggest concerns for him/her may involve driving safely and how to handle the consequences of being involved in a car accident.  Before your son/daughter leaves for college, find out what college students should know if involved in an auto accident. Your college student has been enrolled in college for several months now and so far, has not been involved in any type of auto accidents, but THEN you get the phone call.  Your child [...]

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Loaning Your Car to a Friend

At one time or another you have probably handed your car keys over to someone to drive your car. Whether your friend needed to run an errand while his car was in the shop or a relative had an emergency situation and asked to take your car for the day, you freely handed over the keys, but is that always a good idea? Loaning your car to a friend or relative is a kind gesture, but what happens when that person has an auto accident? Understand Your Coverage Before Loaning Your Car   Your friend asks if she can use your car for a few days until her car is repaired and you gladly agree. [...]

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What an Insurance Score Means and How It May Affect You

Owning and operating a vehicle means you must carry liability auto insurance on that vehicle, as mandated by the state of North Carolina. However, when you are looking for an affordable insurance premium, you may be surprised to find your insurance quote is higher than expected, only to find out the reason is due to your insurance score. Find out what an insurance score means and how it may affect your insurance rate.  Insurance Score  An Insurance Score is a score designed to predict the likelihood of future accidents or claims filed based upon your credit report. You may hear the terms “insurance” score and “credit” score used similarly since they both impact your insurance [...]

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What Happens When Your N.C. Car Insurance is Canceled for Non-Payment?

The state of North Carolina mandates all owners/operators of vehicles to have auto liability insurance, but what happens when your N.C. car insurance is canceled for non-payment? Not having car insurance, regardless of the reason, can be detrimental in many ways so finding out what you can do if your policy is canceled is monumental.      What a Canceled Policy Means If you receive notice that your insurance carrier is canceling your auto policy that means your policy is completely terminated at the stated date. When you initially sign on the dotted line for auto insurance, you are in a “binding” period for the first 2 months and your carrier can terminate your car insurance [...]

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2019 IIHS Safest Cars

When it comes to finding the right car for your needs, you may consider a wide variety of options that are important, but is safety on your list? Each year the IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) releases the names of those vehicles that received top honors regarding their safety so if you are currently in the market for a new car, you should become familiar with the honoree list of 2019 IIHS safest cars. And the Top Honors Go to: The top ranking for the safest autos falls into the category of IIHS Top Safety Pick+, with 30 vehicles making that top honor and 27 vehicles falling into the IIHS Top Safety Pick. Last [...]

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