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How You Can Protect Yourself from Uninsured Motorist/Underinsured Motorist Drivers

North Carolina requires that every owner/operator of a vehicle have auto insurance; however, that doesn’t always guarantee the protection that you think you have. First of all, just because the state mandates auto liability insurance doesn’t mean that every person on the road has insurance and second of all, having the minimum insurance requirements may not be enough protection when you need it the most. Find out how you can protect yourself from Uninsured motorist/Underinsured motorist drivers. N.C. Minimum Limits of Liability   The North Carolina minimum limits of liability auto insurance are 30/60/25 which can be explained quite easily. The 30 represents $30,000 of Bodily Injury Coverage available for 1 person suffering injury, while 60 [...]

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What It Means When Your N.C. Auto Liability Insurance is Ceded

In North Carolina, you are required by law to carry auto liability insurance on any vehicle that you own/operate, but what if your driving record is tarnished with a history of several accidents? While nobody can be turned down for auto insurance coverage, (exceptions apply) your insurance carrier CAN decide to turn your policy over to the North Carolina Reinsurance Facility (NCRF). If you fail to pay your insurance premium or no longer have a valid drivers license, you can be turned away for coverage. If you receive notification, you will need to know what it means when your N.C. auto liability insurance is ceded. How Does NCRF Operate? Developed in 1973, the North Carolina [...]

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Defining a Consent to Rate Letter

You may have received a letter from your insurance company if you are a North Carolina Homeowners Insurance policyholder and if you did, do you know what it means? Many homeowners are receiving this letter and you need to understand why you received it and what it means to you, as a N.C. homeowner. Keep in mind that this letter is a consent to rate letter and is hugely foretelling of what’s to come. Have you received a consent to rate letter? Hold On Before You Sign on the Dotted Line   Consent to rate letters are being sent out by insurance companies in large numbers to N.C. policyholders, but before you sign on the [...]

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Staying Safe for the Holidays

The holiday season is upon us once again and that typically means people are busier and traveling more. In fact, holidays are amongst the busiest travel times of the year because of either visits with friends and family or indulging in that much anticipated vacation. With an increase in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it is important to be aware of staying safe for the holidays. Some Key Safety Measures to Follow During the Holiday Season   Map your travel route and plan appropriately- Before you hit the road, make sure you have the directions available and anticipate the possibility of heavy traffic. Remember, many people are traveling during the holidays and [...]

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The Importance of Proper Home and Auto Insurance Protection

You may hear a lot about homeowners and auto insurance, but most likely the main focus is on rates with little to no mention of the protection you are getting.  First of all, let me take a moment to THANK YOU for your business and trust in my team for allowing us to protect what is most important to you.  I would like to share with you the importance of proper home and auto insurance protection because without it, you could be exposed to many horrific situations that I have personally witnessed too many times. Being in the business for over 24 years, I have seen many people lose personal property, priceless photographs, and family [...]

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Safety Tips to Avoid a Deer Collision

The season is upon us once again; deer season that is. Summer has come to a close and the days have become shorter and darker, which means deer come out more frequently, resulting in a spike in auto accidents. You may have noticed signs along the roadways indicating deer may be crossing, but do you know what to do if you encounter a deer along the roadway? Knowing safety tips to avoid a deer collision can reduce the likelihood of being involved in an auto accident with a deer. This Scenario Happens Frequently The sun is setting as you drive home from work along a heavily wooded highway and as you come around a curve, [...]

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Some Common Car Insurance Endorsements

You may think that if you are in a car accident and your car is damaged or totaled that your car insurance will pay the claim, right? Well, yes, car insurance can provide coverage for covered losses to your car, but some stipulations/exclusions may apply which could impede payment for the damage to your car. Purchasing a one-size fits all car insurance policy may not fit your particular needs, so you need to consider some common car insurance endorsements and how they may fit your budget and suit your needs. Car Insurance Endorsements  An endorsement is basically an “add-on” to your existing car insurance policy that amends your policy to either add or take away [...]

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How to Save Money on Car Insurance as Your Car Ages

It didn’t seem that long ago that you purchased your new car, but suddenly you realize that your car is now considered an older new car, so it may be time to reconsider the auto insurance that covers it. When you drove your car off the lot, it made sense to purchase full auto coverage, but now may realize you could be paying for some coverage options you no longer need. Find out how to save money as your car ages and make sure you contact your local N.C. independent insurance agent to inquire what car insurance options you could possibly cancel. Necessary Coverage Vs. Optional Coverage  N.C. mandates that if you own and operate [...]

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What You Should Know About Insuring Classic Cars

If you are one of those people that loves the hunt for that perfect antique car or has decided to rebuild that limited edition car sitting in your garage, then you know how much fun, passion, and time is involved. At the same time you know that any protection needed/required for these special antique collection cars is anything but ordinary. Extraordinary cars require extraordinary protection so before you take your vintage baby out for a spin, there are some things you should know about insuring classic cars. Old Doesn’t Always Mean Classic Not every “old” car is considered classic, antique or vintage; however if your car is 25-30 years old with a value that is [...]

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Why is My N.C. Car Insurance Bill Increasing?

You may have heard about car insurance rates on the rise, but most likely you have seen or will see in the near future that when you open your renewal bill, you will see a spike in your N.C. car insurance bill and you may be asking yourself, "Why is my N.C. car insurance bill increasing?"  Many people are confused especially if there have been no accidents, tickets, or changes in their coverage yet still experience a rate increase for their N.C. car insurance. Some Common Reasons for Car Insurance Rates Increases  Accidents, Speeding Tickets, Driving with License Revoked  This simple reason may be obvious, but if you have been involved in chargeable accidents, received [...]

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