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Home-Based Business Insurance

Imagine losing your job as a caterer with a local event catering company after being employed for 15 years. When the job search for other relatable jobs goes stale, you suddenly have a brilliant idea to become your own boss and set up shop at your home. Setting your own schedule and working at your pace in your own kitchen seem like great ideas until you begin your at-home catering business. Before you begin any business based out of your home, ask yourself whether your home-based business insurance is adequate. What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You Working from home may sound great initially; however, you need to consider some essential aspects regarding the insurance [...]

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Crime Insurance for Your Business Needs

Owning a business means protecting that same business so you may initially focus on the liability aspect of insurance protection along with the physical part of the business itself; but is that all you need to consider when protecting your livelihood? Find out how to invest in crime insurance for your business needs. Protecting Your Assets Today and Tomorrow Businesses like yours can be a target for many types of crime, but what about when it comes from “inside” and your own employees are embezzling money? The 2018 Hiscox Embezzlement Study reveals that the average loss a company suffers due to embezzlement is $357,650, which doesn’t even consider thefts from outside sources. Business crime is [...]

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How to Be Prepared for a Power Outage

During the summer you may not consider the possibility of a power outage quite as much as during the winter months, but power outages during the summer are prevalent and come with their own share of issues. Severe thunderstorms can sweep through quickly, causing downed trees, power lines, and knocking out power. If and when Mother Nature strikes, will you know how to be prepared for a power outage? Being Prepared By Planning Ahead for Your Power Outage Power outages may last a few hours, but sometimes you may be without power for up to a week or more so knowing some basic tips on power outage preparedness is essential. Keep in mind that losing [...]

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Your Flood Risk Is Rising

When you think of damages caused by flooding, you may only consider homes that are in high-risk areas to be a target; however, did you know that almost 25% of all insurance claims come from low-to moderate flood risk areas?  That’s right!  If your home sustains flood damage, you need to realize that your N.C.  homeowners insurance policy typically excludes damages caused by flooding so if you don’t have the right flood insurance protection, you may be facing some serious financial difficulties down the road.  Your flood risk is rising. Are you protected? Flooding Does Not Discriminate Flooding can quickly cause significant damages to your home and while you may not live in a high-risk [...]

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How to Get New Trucking Authority

Working for a trucking company is one thing, but working for yourself has many perks and benefits of which you may want to be aware.  Being your own boss allows for operational autonomy, but if you aren’t aware of how to get new trucking authority, it may seem tricky and complicated, but it doesn’t have to be.  If working for YOU seems appealing and you want to find out how to get new trucking authority, read on. Trucking Authority Defined Trucking authority, sometimes referred to as “motor carrier authority,” is needed for those who want to start their own trucking company.  Basically it is permission granted by the government that allows you to get paid [...]

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N.C. Trucking Insurance for New Ventures

The trucking industry is a risky type of business, which means without having the right type of trucking insurance, you could be faced with some tremendous financial issues that could put you out of business. If you are a new venture driver, you need insurance for trucking auto liability along with physical damage coverage so it is vital that you find the right type of N.C. trucking insurance for new ventures that provides the protection you need and deserve as a start up trucking company.  As a new venture trucker, your job is to haul freight and transport goods; however, this profession is volatile and protecting the products you transport is vital. Not only that, [...]

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5 Mistakes When Buying Life Insurance

Life Insurance is one type of insurance that many people aren’t quite sure if they need and if they realize they DO need it, they aren’t quite sure of the type of life insurance most preferred and in what amount. Before you purchase life insurance, you need to be aware of 5 mistakes when buying life insurance so when you do make that investment, you will know the best type of life insurance most suited for your particular needs. Protect the people who depend on you the most with life insurance. If you have people or loved ones who depend on you financially, it is recommended that you have a life insurance policy in place [...]

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Insurance Requirements for Hot Shot Trucking Companies

Hot shot trucking can be profitable and rewarding as this type of truck driving position typically pays more than standard truck driving jobs; however, there are insurance requirements for hot shot trucking companies that must be met before considering this line of work. What is a Hot Shot Driver? A hot shot driver typically specializes in express deliveries hauling LTL (less than truck-load mode) and does not require the usage of an entire trailer. Typically, a hot shot driver hauls freight utilizing a gooseneck trailer attached to a heavy duty flat bed truck, works on a tight schedule due to expedited hauling, and spends most of the their travel time regionally. While lucrative, it can [...]

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A Common Gap in Contractors’ Insurance

There is a direct correlation between an improving economy and the demand for contracting work, which sounds great in theory, but there are some pitfalls for the contractors who are trying to accept the influx of jobs and complete them to satisfaction. If you are an artisan contractor, you need to be aware of a common gap in contractors’ insurance that could leave you in a hole. Filling the Gaps  The high demand for contracting work means that contractors may be rushing to complete jobs, which can result in costly errors. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is currently a shortage in skilled contractors, which means the current contractors are faced with an [...]

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How Your N.C. Homeowners Insurance Covers a Total Loss of Your Home

You like to think of your home as your haven for safety, security and peace of mind, but what about when the unthinkable happens and your house is totally destroyed?  Being a homeowner comes with expected situations that may occur, such as roof damage or water damage, that may generate a standard homeowners insurance loss, but are you prepared to handle anything totally devastating such as losing your home?  Find out how your N.C. homeowners insurance covers a total loss of your home so that if it happens, you will be better equipped to handle it. Catastrophic incidents that destroy your home generate anguish and distress and can create a multitude of questions on how [...]

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