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Your Homeowners Insurance Rate and How it is Calculated

If you are a homeowner, you understand the importance of protecting your investment with the right type of homeowners insurance, but when you pay your homeowners premium, do you ever wonder how that amount was established?  Keep in mind that while many insurance companies may rate differently, they all have some common variables that you should know that may shed light on your N.C. homeowners insurance rate and how it is calculated. 7 Rating Factors That May Impact Your Homeowners Insurance Premium If you are already a homeowner or in the market to purchase a home, then you may be surprised to find that you may pay more or less on your insurance premium than [...]

Your Homeowners Insurance Rate and How it is Calculated2021-01-30T08:35:53-05:00

5 Ways to Get the Lowest Rates on Trucking Insurance

Whether your trucking business is seasoned or a new venture, trucking insurance will be one of your greatest expenses. And unfortunately, rates continue to rise. So, how do you keep your insurance expenses down for the long haul? Here are 5 ways to get the lowest rates on trucking insurance. Maintain Clean Driving Records- Your drivers can make a huge impact on your trucking insurance premiums. Insurance companies know that claim settlements resulting from trucking accidents can be astronomical. Statistically, a driving record with just one traffic violation will lead to an increased probability of claims from accidents. Before hiring a driver, run a Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) so you won’t be surprised when your [...]

5 Ways to Get the Lowest Rates on Trucking Insurance2020-05-08T08:37:32-05:00

CDL License(s) and How to Obtain It

If you are in the trucking industry or interested in pursuing a career driving a commercial vehicle/truck, you will probably be required to obtain a Commercial Driver’s License, otherwise known as CDL.  As a truck driver, you are in the business of hauling and transporting goods across the United States and while this profession comes with its own share of inherent risks on the roadways, it can be quite profitable.  However, before you get started, you need to find out about CDL license(s) and how to obtain it.    Steps Required to Obtain a CDL License(s)     There are some required steps required to obtain your CDL license; however, keep in mind there are some [...]

CDL License(s) and How to Obtain It2020-03-27T17:59:28-05:00

CDL Licenses and Categorizations

A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) is a type of driving license required to operate commercial motor vehicles including passenger buses, tractor trailers, and semi-trucks, to name a few.  If you are preparing for a career in the transport business on the road, you are most likely required to obtain your CDL before you can begin.  There are varying types of CDL licenses and categorizations regarding the types of vehicles you are permitted to operate, and they are Class A, Class B, and Class C.  Furthermore, the classifications are determined by the vehicle’s gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) along with other features. As you can imagine, operating commercial motor vehicles requires specialized skills and comes with [...]

CDL Licenses and Categorizations2020-03-14T08:58:11-05:00

The Correlation Between SAFER and FMCSA

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is the chief federal government agency that focuses on and regulates transportation in the United States.  Their mission emphasizes safety on the roadways involving commercial trucking companies, commercial motor vehicles, buses and those driving with a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License).  Part of the FMCSA’s job includes overseeing, handling, and providing the information in Safety and Fitness Electronic Records (SAFER). Hence, the basic correlation between SAFER and FMCSA. The material available in SAFER’s links comes from data that is founded and provided by the FMCSA and typically include the following areas for review when providing insurance: Licensing and Insurance- The Licensing and Insurance links have information from the OP1 [...]

The Correlation Between SAFER and FMCSA2020-01-06T20:04:59-05:00

Insuring Flatbed Trailers

While there are many perks of using flatbed trucks and trailers (no special constrictions, easy access, easy to secure cargo as opposed to securing cargo in a four-walled truck) there are just as many inherent risks involved that need to be addressed when considering the insurance protection you need.  Find out what you should know about insuring flatbed trucks and trailers. Driving a flatbed truck means driving and hauling cargo in an opened area which poses a higher risk for liability compared to other trucks on the road.  Whether you hit potholes, have to stop suddenly in congested traffic, or you fail to properly tie down the cargo, accidents can happen; hence the need for [...]

Insuring Flatbed Trailers2020-03-04T11:15:13-05:00

What College Students Should Know If Involved in an Auto Accident

Preparing for your son or daughter to go to college comes with many concerns so parents must formulate a plan of action to address certain responsibilities.  Being a college student means your child will now be living independently.  One of your biggest concerns for him/her may involve driving safely and how to handle the consequences of being involved in a car accident.  Before your son/daughter leaves for college, find out what college students should know if involved in an auto accident. Your college student has been enrolled in college for several months now and so far, has not been involved in any type of auto accidents, but THEN you get the phone call.  Your child [...]

What College Students Should Know If Involved in an Auto Accident2020-01-06T20:01:31-05:00

Is Your Home-Based Business Protected?

You have been working at a local business for over 10 years when suddenly the business goes under, so you decide to start up your own business.  There are many perks on the horizon, such as being your own boss, working independently out of your own home perhaps in your pajamas, and creating your own successful business reputation.  However, before you begin your business, you need to ask yourself some very important questions that if not addressed, could lead to financial devastation.  The most important question you need to start with is “Is your home-based business protected?”  Without proper business protection, you could be faced with lawsuits. Having your N.C. business insured properly should be [...]

Is Your Home-Based Business Protected?2020-01-06T19:57:14-05:00

Does Your Optometry Office Have the Right Business Insurance?

If you own an optometry office you understand how essential it is to protect your livelihood. Whether it is the building structure, patients’ medical records, office equipment, or employees, you understand that unfortunate situations/accidents can occur in the blink of an eye and without proper insurance protection, your business could be faced with financial ruin. Does your optometry office have the right business insurance? Your business success depends on many factors and providing the optimum care for each and every patient is your priority. However, what happens when you have a patient who comes in for a routine eye exam and slips on the floor causing a serious head injury?  Your disgruntled patient has now [...]

Does Your Optometry Office Have the Right Business Insurance?2020-01-06T19:54:09-05:00

Occurrence Versus Claims-Made Insurance

As a small business owner, you understand the importance of insurance protection, but there are many facets to understanding what type of insurance policy best suits your specific business needs. It’s critical that before you actually purchase business insurance protection you understand the difference between occurrence versus claims-made insurance. Assess Your Business Needs to Decide Which Policy is Best Deciding which policy is best entirely depends on your specific business needs. Some of the biggest differences include the following, but not limited to: With an occurrence-based policy, you are protected as long as you were insured when that loss happened. This type of policy takes into consideration situations/losses that may not present themselves until a [...]

Occurrence Versus Claims-Made Insurance2020-01-06T19:51:54-05:00
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