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Is Your Home-Based Business Protected?

You have been working at a local business for over 10 years when suddenly the business goes under, so you decide to start up your own business.  There are many perks on the horizon, such as being your own boss, working independently out of your own home perhaps in your pajamas, and creating your own successful business reputation.  However, before you begin your business, you need to ask yourself some very important questions that if not addressed, could lead to financial devastation.  The most important question you need to start with is “Is your home-based business protected?”  Without proper business protection, you could be faced with lawsuits. Having your N.C. business insured properly should be [...]

Is Your Home-Based Business Protected?2020-01-06T19:57:14-05:00

Does Your Optometry Office Have the Right Business Insurance?

If you own an optometry office you understand how essential it is to protect your livelihood. Whether it is the building structure, patients’ medical records, office equipment, or employees, you understand that unfortunate situations/accidents can occur in the blink of an eye and without proper insurance protection, your business could be faced with financial ruin. Does your optometry office have the right business insurance? Your business success depends on many factors and providing the optimum care for each and every patient is your priority. However, what happens when you have a patient who comes in for a routine eye exam and slips on the floor causing a serious head injury?  Your disgruntled patient has now [...]

Does Your Optometry Office Have the Right Business Insurance?2020-01-06T19:54:09-05:00

Occurrence Versus Claims-Made Insurance

As a small business owner, you understand the importance of insurance protection, but there are many facets to understanding what type of insurance policy best suits your specific business needs. It’s critical that before you actually purchase business insurance protection you understand the difference between occurrence versus claims-made insurance. Assess Your Business Needs to Decide Which Policy is Best Deciding which policy is best entirely depends on your specific business needs. Some of the biggest differences include the following, but not limited to: With an occurrence-based policy, you are protected as long as you were insured when that loss happened. This type of policy takes into consideration situations/losses that may not present themselves until a [...]

Occurrence Versus Claims-Made Insurance2020-01-06T19:51:54-05:00

Home-Based Business Insurance

Imagine losing your job as a caterer with a local event catering company after being employed for 15 years. When the job search for other relatable jobs goes stale, you suddenly have a brilliant idea to become your own boss and set up shop at your home. Setting your own schedule and working at your pace in your own kitchen seem like great ideas until you begin your at-home catering business. Before you begin any business based out of your home, ask yourself whether your home-based business insurance is adequate. What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You Working from home may sound great initially; however, you need to consider some essential aspects regarding the insurance [...]

Home-Based Business Insurance2020-01-06T19:39:59-05:00

Crime Insurance for Your Business Needs

Owning a business means protecting that same business so you may initially focus on the liability aspect of insurance protection along with the physical part of the business itself; but is that all you need to consider when protecting your livelihood? Find out how to invest in crime insurance for your business needs. Protecting Your Assets Today and Tomorrow Businesses like yours can be a target for many types of crime, but what about when it comes from “inside” and your own employees are embezzling money? The 2018 Hiscox Embezzlement Study reveals that the average loss a company suffers due to embezzlement is $357,650, which doesn’t even consider thefts from outside sources. Business crime is [...]

Crime Insurance for Your Business Needs2020-01-06T19:37:26-05:00

Insurance Requirements for Hot Shot Trucking Companies

Hot shot trucking can be profitable and rewarding as this type of truck driving position typically pays more than standard truck driving jobs; however, there are insurance requirements for hot shot trucking companies that must be met before considering this line of work. What is a Hot Shot Driver? A hot shot driver typically specializes in express deliveries hauling LTL (less than truck-load mode) and does not require the usage of an entire trailer. Typically, a hot shot driver hauls freight utilizing a gooseneck trailer attached to a heavy duty flat bed truck, works on a tight schedule due to expedited hauling, and spends most of the their travel time regionally. While lucrative, it can [...]

Insurance Requirements for Hot Shot Trucking Companies2019-05-28T22:44:01-05:00

A Common Gap in Contractors’ Insurance

There is a direct correlation between an improving economy and the demand for contracting work, which sounds great in theory, but there are some pitfalls for the contractors who are trying to accept the influx of jobs and complete them to satisfaction. If you are an artisan contractor, you need to be aware of a common gap in contractors’ insurance that could leave you in a hole. Filling the Gaps  The high demand for contracting work means that contractors may be rushing to complete jobs, which can result in costly errors. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is currently a shortage in skilled contractors, which means the current contractors are faced with an [...]

A Common Gap in Contractors’ Insurance2019-05-28T22:48:20-05:00

Find Out When Ordinance or Law Insurance Coverage is Critical

Owning any type of business property means you are assuming the risk that your property may eventually sustain damages of some type(s), by either fire or some other covered peril, and when it does happen, you need to be aware of some pertinent facts.  The damages may be so severe that you may need to restore or rebuild your damaged building; however, you may encounter some obstacles if aren’t aware of various government laws and/or ordinances that might govern repairs/restoration to your damaged building.  Find out when Ordinance or Law Insurance Coverage is critical. Imagine that you own an electric company that is severely damaged in a fire, resulting in substantial damages that require a [...]

Find Out When Ordinance or Law Insurance Coverage is Critical2019-05-28T23:08:11-05:00

To Keep Your Insurance Premiums Affordable, You Need to Know How to Control Your Losses

As a business owner, you know adequate protection must be in place in order to protect everything you have worked so hard to build. Business insurance is a must for that protection, but in order to keep your insurance premiums affordable, you need to know how to control your losses. Keep in mind that insurance is designed for catastrophic loss protection for your business and not for maintenance protection. Frequency Predicts Future Loss Potential  Suppose you are a small business owner and have had several slip and falls on your property, resulting in injuries that prompted claims. As an outcome, a red flag may be acknowledged by your insurer, which could result in higher premiums [...]

To Keep Your Insurance Premiums Affordable, You Need to Know How to Control Your Losses2018-09-25T09:07:44-05:00

Before You Say “Yes”, Find Out If That Non-Profit Has Directors and Officers (D&O) Insurance

If you have even been asked to serve as a board member for a Non-Profit Organization, you may consider how your participation in the many executive decisions could reinforce the success of the Non-Profit or improve areas that you feel need attention, but have you considered the legal challenges you may face if that Non-Profit organization does not have the right insurance in place? Before you say “yes”, find out if that Non-Profit has Directors and Officers (D&O) Insurance. What is Directors and Officers (D&O) Insurance?  This type of insurance is typically purchased by the company itself and is designed to protect the directors and officers/executives from claims that may arise brought by employees, customers, [...]

Before You Say “Yes”, Find Out If That Non-Profit Has Directors and Officers (D&O) Insurance2018-09-17T17:11:06-05:00
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