Find Out When Ordinance or Law Insurance Coverage is Critical

Owning any type of business property means you are assuming the risk that your property may eventually sustain damages of some type(s), by either fire or some other covered peril, and when it does happen, you need to be aware of some pertinent facts.  The damages may be so severe that you may need to restore or rebuild your damaged building; however, you may encounter some obstacles if aren’t aware of various government laws and/or ordinances that might govern repairs/restoration to your damaged building.  Find out when Ordinance or Law Insurance Coverage is critical. Imagine that you own an electric company that is severely damaged in a fire, resulting in substantial damages that require a [...]

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To Keep Your Insurance Premiums Affordable, You Need to Know How to Control Your Losses

As a business owner, you know adequate protection must be in place in order to protect everything you have worked so hard to build. Business insurance is a must for that protection, but in order to keep your insurance premiums affordable, you need to know how to control your losses. Keep in mind that insurance is designed for catastrophic loss protection for your business and not for maintenance protection. Frequency Predicts Future Loss Potential  Suppose you are a small business owner and have had several slip and falls on your property, resulting in injuries that prompted claims. As an outcome, a red flag may be acknowledged by your insurer, which could result in higher premiums [...]

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Before You Say “Yes”, Find Out If That Non-Profit Has Directors and Officers (D&O) Insurance

If you have even been asked to serve as a board member for a Non-Profit Organization, you may consider how your participation in the many executive decisions could reinforce the success of the Non-Profit or improve areas that you feel need attention, but have you considered the legal challenges you may face if that Non-Profit organization does not have the right insurance in place? Before you say “yes”, find out if that Non-Profit has Directors and Officers (D&O) Insurance. What is Directors and Officers (D&O) Insurance?  This type of insurance is typically purchased by the company itself and is designed to protect the directors and officers/executives from claims that may arise brought by employees, customers, [...]

Before You Say “Yes”, Find Out If That Non-Profit Has Directors and Officers (D&O) Insurance2018-09-17T17:11:06-05:00

Business Insurance for Your Chiropractic Office

As a chiropractor running your own business, you know the many risks your profession faces, but do you have the right type of business insurance to minimize those risks? As a small business owner, you can anticipate many scenarios happening that may include equipment breakdown, cyber attacks, a client getting injured on your property, or an employee claim citing discrimination. If not protected with the right type of business insurance for your chiropractic office, these types of claims can wreak havoc on your financial security and business. Are You Protected When an Accident Happens? Your profession as a chiropractor comes with its unique share of inherent risks so you must be prepared to handle losses [...]

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The Most Overlooked Coverage Options for Contractors

All businesses are faced with certain risks that may negatively impact its growth, should disaster strike. As a contractor, you have worked diligently and invested time, money, and skill to warrant your business’ success, so isn’t it just as important to have the right type of business insurance in place to minimize those risks that are especially prevalent to your contracting business? A standard N.C. business owners insurance policy will provide protection for covered losses, but you may need to consider the certain exclusions that may apply that could leave you with coverage gaps. Find out the most often overlooked coverage options for contractors that you may not have considered, but may need. Fill the [...]

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Train Your Fleet Drivers How to Handle an Accident

If you have a business where you utilize fleet drivers, you realize how important driving safety is for your business, the drivers, and anyone else driving on the highways. Accidents involving fleet cars/trucks cost businesses millions of dollars every year so it is important to train your fleet drivers how to handle an accident when and if it happens. Having a plan in place BEFORE an accident happens can help promote safety on the road, increase the driver’s awareness to document information at the accident scene, and in turn, reduce the likelihood of similar accidents down the road. When an accident happens, it is normal for drivers to become flustered and anxious, but it is [...]

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7 Tips for Hiring Safe Drivers for Your Business

Your business depends on your drivers for many things, including the success of your business; but what if you hired someone to be a driver and found out they were not following appropriate safety measures when operating one of your fleet vehicles? Failing to hire safe drivers for your business can cost you your business if you aren’t careful. Before you hire your next driver, recognize 7 tips for hiring safe drivers for your business. Keep in mind there are many different situations where a driver for your business may operate. Sometimes, the driver may be a full time driver, while other times, you may have someone who works for you only drive randomly for [...]

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Protect Your Business Against Risks Often Overlooked

Your business is your livelihood so the protection your business deserves must be solid.  Regardless of how safe you are, adversity can strike at any given moment and when it does, you need to know that you have the right type of business insurance in place to safeguard your business and assets. Simply having a business insurance policy is not enough; you must make sure you have a custom built insurance policy designed to protect your business against risks often overlooked. Because your business is unique and diverse, there are many coverage options available to shield your business from common risks that are characteristic of your business. Some Common Types of Optional Coverage Endorsements That [...]

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Certificate of Insurance Versus Additional Insured

In order to protect your business properly, you must have business insurance, but do you understand every aspect regarding your business and the protection it deserves? You may hear two terms that coincide quite frequently, but making sure you understand the difference between the two is imperative should something unfortunate happen. If you are a business owner, knowing the key differences between “certificate of insurance” versus “additional insured” is essential to keeping your business in tact. What is a Certificate of Insurance? Simply put, a certificate of insurance is a document that proves there is an insurance policy that is in effect for that particular business. Before any job starts, it is always recommended that [...]

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How to Avoid Products and Liquor Liability Losses for Restaurants

If you are in the restaurant business, you know the rewards can be plentiful, but so are the risks. In fact, two of the biggest risks in the restaurant business include foodborne illnesses and the serving of alcohol. When you open your restaurant for patrons, you run the risk of exposing them to foodborne illness if you don’t practice safe food handling and storage procedures, so in order to protect your restaurant, the patrons, and your assets, you must be aware of how to avoid products and liquor liability losses for restaurants. 1 in 6 Americans Get Sick From Foodborne Illnesses  While that may sound like a high statistic, it may also surprise you that [...]

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