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Your Flood Risk Is Rising

When you think of damages caused by flooding, you may only consider homes that are in high-risk areas to be a target; however, did you know that almost 25% of all insurance claims come from low-to moderate flood risk areas?  That’s right!  If your home sustains flood damage, you need to realize that your N.C.  homeowners insurance policy typically excludes damages caused by flooding so if you don’t have the right flood insurance protection, you may be facing some serious financial difficulties down the road.  Your flood risk is rising. Are you protected? Flooding Does Not Discriminate Flooding can quickly cause significant damages to your home and while you may not live in a high-risk [...]

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Important Facts About Flood Coverage

Unfortunately flooding can happen to anyone, resulting in devastating, financial ruin to your home, regardless of where you live. However, most people think if they reside in an area not designated as a “flood zone” they are immune from flood disasters. Flooding does not discriminate so it’s vital you are aware of some important facts about flood coverage to ensure safety and protection of your home. Everyone Is at Risk   Imagine buying your dream home in an area that is clearly out of a flood zone, so the thought of purchasing flood insurance never entered your mind. However, a flood did ensue, causing astronomical damage to your home and after learning your N.C. homeowners [...]

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Basic Facts Surrounding Flood Insurance

When you think of flooding, you may not think of North Carolina as a high-risk state, but flooding can happen anywhere in a matter of minutes. According to the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), more than 20% of flood claims occur in low to moderate risk areas, so while you may think your home is adequately protected with your current N.C. homeowners insurance policy, will you have any protection should your home suffer flood damage? Knowing some basic facts surrounding flood insurance can help protect your home, which may be your biggest investment. Flooding is Excluded Under Your N.C. Homeowners Insurance Policy Many people think that if flooding occurs, resulting in damage to their home, [...]

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