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7 Losses Usually Not Covered by Homeowners Insurance

When searching for homes to purchase, you most likely took the time to determine where you wanted to live, along with the amenities that each home offered, until you found one that fit your criteria.  However, when it came to choosing your homeowners insurance coverage, did you take the time to find the type of homeowners insurance coverage that fit your specific needs pertaining to your home and budget?  Not all homeowners policies are built the same.  If fact, there are 7 losses usually not covered by homeowners insurance, of which you may not be aware. A typical N.C. homeowners insurance policy has many policy provisions, conditions, and exclusions of which you need to be [...]

7 Losses Usually Not Covered by Homeowners Insurance2018-10-09T17:44:46-05:00

4 Important Homeowners Insurance Coverages You May Not Have

One thing you must know when you are looking for N.C. homeowners insurance coverage is that not all homeowners insurance policies are built the same. While many advertisers claim to have the cheapest price around, those cheaper policies may also leave you with the most coverage gaps in your coverage, potentially leaving you responsible for out of pocket expenses. Before you sign on the dotted line for your homeowners insurance, make sure you know 4 important homeowners insurance coverages you may not have, but should consider. Utility Line Insurance Coverage- If you experience a water/sewer pipe break that results in damages to your home, your typical N.C. homeowners insurance policy would exclude coverage for this; [...]

4 Important Homeowners Insurance Coverages You May Not Have2018-10-02T16:10:38-05:00

Tips to Saving Money on Your Homeowners Insurance

Today, everything seems to cost more, from gasoline, home costs, and even your homeowners insurance. In fact, homeowners insurance rates in the U.S. have doubled in the last 20 years and even though as a homeowner you can’t afford NOT to have it, there are tips to saving money on your homeowners insurance. Bundle your home and auto policies- Typically, when you bundle 2 or more policies under the same insurance carrier, you are eligible for a substantial discount. Choose a higher deductible- Consider the highest deductible you could possible absorb “out of pocket” if a covered loss happened. If you choose a higher deductible, it could mean significant savings. Let your local N.C. independent [...]

Tips to Saving Money on Your Homeowners Insurance2018-08-11T07:39:36-05:00

Does Your Homeowners Insurance Cover Damage Caused from Animals and Pests?

Owning a home means insects, animals, rodents, or vermin may take up residence in your home rent free, causing damages that could be extensive. Ants, bees, raccoons, mice and many other “uninvited” creatures are always looking for entry into a place that is warm and protected and this place may be YOUR home, but does your homeowners insurance cover damage caused from animals and pests? Pesky Problems Imagine lying in bed one night and hearing scratching and squeaking noises in the wall next to your bed. Eyes wide open, you are terrified to discover there are mice living in your wall. You start investigating to find some electrical wires that appear to be gnawed upon [...]

Does Your Homeowners Insurance Cover Damage Caused from Animals and Pests?2018-05-07T09:18:06-05:00

Are Your Valuables Covered?

Receiving a gift of jewelry or being handed down a rare coin collection from your uncle is priceless; however, if something happens to these valuable pieces, from theft or loss, you could be left with a costly price tag if you don’t have the right type of coverage to protect your valuables. Are your valuables covered? This Happens All the Time You go on vacation, but decide to leave your irreplaceable, expensive jewelry pieces at home because you are afraid of either losing them or having them stolen. When you return home, you find that your home has been broken into, ransacked, and ALL of your jewelry stolen! Your diamond anniversary ring, grandmother’s emerald necklace, [...]

Are Your Valuables Covered?2018-05-04T06:48:34-05:00

Safety Tips to Prevent Clothes Dryer Fires

House fires happen all the time, and the origin of many home fires is due to clothes dryers. The fire can ignite due to clothing, lint, wire, cable insulation, fibers or the dryer drive belt, resulting in catastrophic damages to homes in the U.S. In fact, thousands of home clothes dryer fires are reported each year, causing an estimated 29 deaths, 400 injuries, and over $190 million in property loss. Don’t become a statistic; before you turn on your clothes dryer in your home, know some safety tips to prevent clothes dryer fires. Don’t Let This Happen to You Before leaving your house, you decide to go ahead and throw the wet clothes from your [...]

Safety Tips to Prevent Clothes Dryer Fires2018-02-28T06:51:12-05:00

Some Safety Tips to Help Safeguard Your Home from Burglary

Home break-ins happen all too frequently, leaving the homeowner violated and robbed of some valuable personal items. Statistically, there is a home break-in about every 15 seconds, which is astounding and quite costly. Just as quick as a burglar can break in, they can steal and get out in a matter of minutes. Being aware of some safety tips to help safeguard your home from burglary can help protect you, your home, and your valuables. If You Become a Victim If you do become a victim to a home intrusion, you need to have the right type of N.C. homeowners insurance protection in place, or you may be left in a financial predicament. If you [...]

Some Safety Tips to Help Safeguard Your Home from Burglary2018-02-28T06:46:14-05:00

Fall Maintenance for Homeowners

It is hard to believe fall is upon us already, but soon the leaves and the temperatures outside will be falling and NOW is the time to take measures to inspect your home for any issues that may cause damage during the next few months. Taking extra precautions doesn’t prevent bad situations from happening, but can surely help to minimize them when they do. Learn tips on fall maintenance for homeowners, so you can just enjoy the upcoming changing season. Below Are Some of the Main Areas to Check Off Your Fall Maintenance List, but Not Limited to: Inspect Your Roof - When inspecting the roof, look for missing or damaged shingles, decomposed flashing, and/or [...]

Fall Maintenance for Homeowners2017-10-11T22:55:36-05:00

The Differences Between HO3 and HE7/21 Home Insurance Policies

Picking out the home of your dreams is exciting, but finding the right insurance protection for your dream home may feel more like a nightmare if you don’t know much about home insurance policies. Your home investment may be your biggest investment yet, so the insurance needs to be custom built to meet all of your home needs, within a budget you can afford. Learning the differences between  HO3 and HE7/21 home insurance policies is a step in the right direction towards having the home protection you deserve. The Coverage of Your N.C. Home Insurance Policy Matters When you are insuring your dream home, you may think a bare-boned insurance policy is adequate, without considering [...]

The Differences Between HO3 and HE7/21 Home Insurance Policies2017-10-11T22:37:00-05:00

Insurance Needs for Remodeling Your Home

For years, you have thought about remodeling your kitchen or bathrooms, but the expense of it has held you back. But after saving money for years, you are ready to begin that remodel in your home and can’t wait to get started; But hold on before you begin that renovation. BEFORE you do anything, you must contact your local N.C. independent insurance agent to review your insurance policy and anticipated changes in insurance needs for remodeling your home. Don’t Wait Until it’s Too Late There is a lot of work involved in planning any home remodel, whether it is an addition, renovation, or a complete transformation, but there are many things you need to tie [...]

Insurance Needs for Remodeling Your Home2017-10-11T22:34:36-05:00
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