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How to Get the Lowest Rate on Your Motorcycle Insurance

When purchasing a motorcycle, you probably invested a lot of money and time to find just the right one, but did you take the time to do all your research on the best motorcycle insurance protection or did you just purchase the “cheapest” guaranteed rate? Believe it or not, you CAN get exceptional insurance protection for your motorcycle while still getting a low insurance premium rate. Knowing how to get the lowest rate on your motorcycle insurance can save you money down the stretch. Taking the Cheap Route May End Up Being Costly Imagine making an investment in a motorcycle when it gets stolen. You thought you had great insurance protection because that’s what was [...]

How to Get the Lowest Rate on Your Motorcycle Insurance2017-10-11T21:49:54-05:00

Spring is here! Avoid These Dangers on Your Motorcycle.

As it gets warmer, the urge to fire up your bike and hit the road gets stronger. Bikers across North Carolina are charging batteries, checking tire pressure, and polishing up the chrome... getting ready for that warm afternoon to get out on the highway. All bikers look forward to the first spring ride but before you do, here are a few safety reminders. You don't want to be the first to the hospital because you got in too much of a hurry. Avoid these dangers on your motorcycle. We'll assume you prepared your motorcycle properly when you put it in storage for the winter. Hopefully, ethanol in the fuel was treated last fall to avoid [...]

Spring is here! Avoid These Dangers on Your Motorcycle.2018-04-26T00:25:47-05:00
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