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Insurance Protection for Your Chiropractic Office 

Insurance Protection for Your Chiropractic Office  As a licensed N.C. chiropractor, you have invested research, time, and money in your education and profession. You did this so that you can treat your patients with the type of care they deserve.  Each patient situation is unique just like your business. That's why you devote your time to determine the right type of treatment plan suited for your patients’ needs.  Concentrating on your patients is what makes your business so successful. Have you put the same type of concentrated effort into choosing the right business insurance protection for your chiropractic office?  Key Coverage Options to Protect Your N.C. Chiropractic Business, but Not Limited to:  You focus on [...]

Insurance Protection for Your Chiropractic Office 2024-05-02T08:49:24-05:00

Keeping Your Insurance Premium Affordable by Controlling Your Losses

Keeping Your Insurance Premium Affordable by Controlling Your Losses  Deciding to open a business is a big feat that takes time, energy, commitment and of course, money.  As a new business owner, you realize business insurance is key to handling the catastrophic losses that are bound to occur, but what if down the road, you find your insurance rates are rising higher than you can financially handle?  This is certainly an obstacle; however, there are possible solutions to keeping your insurance premium affordable by controlling your losses.  Your business was running smoothly for the first few years, but over an extended time period, you have incurred a higher frequency of incidences within your company.  An [...]

Keeping Your Insurance Premium Affordable by Controlling Your Losses2024-04-22T09:02:19-05:00

How to Get New Trucking Authority

How to Get New Trucking Authority  If you have ever wanted to join the trucking industry as your own boss, now may be a great time!  Working on a new venture as your own boss may have the benefits and perks you have been seeking, so if that sparks your interest, do you know how to get new trucking authority?  Trucking authority, otherwise referred to as “motor carrier authority”, is required if you wish to pursue your own trucking company. The good news is that once granted by the government, you can begin handling YOUR trucking business under your own Motor Carrier (MC) number.  Guidelines to Attain Your New Trucking Authority:   Decide on Your Type [...]

How to Get New Trucking Authority2024-03-22T07:52:36-05:00

Cyber Security That Your Business May Need

Cyber Security That Your Business May Need Cyber security is big news today!  The technological capabilities in our computer-based society comes with many perks and advantages; however, it can also lead to cyber attacks from criminals that fixate on hacking into businesses just like yours.  In recent years, there has been a surge in criminal activity from hackers.  This type of criminal activity can ultimately lead to your business demise by exposing the identity of yourself along with customers, while compromising the integrity of your business and reputation.  Are you aware of and prepared for what could happen to your business if there was a cyber security breach?  If not, you may want to find [...]

Cyber Security That Your Business May Need2024-03-22T07:12:21-05:00

Boating Season and Safety Measures

Boating Season and Safety Measures Young woman holding helm of a boat. Soaring temperatures and summer days are perfect times for boating.  In fact, the growing trend the last few years reflects a spike in recreational boat sales which means more lakes/waters are filled with people enjoying fun and sun on their boats.  However, a fun-filled boat day can turn disastrous in a matter of seconds if safety doesn’t remain a priority.  Before you climb aboard you need to make sure safety is number one on your radar. The good news is that while statistics reveal that boat sales are up, fatalities, injuries, and accidents resulting from boat outings are actually on the decline.  In [...]

Boating Season and Safety Measures2024-02-27T10:10:54-05:00

Make Your Home More Burglar-Proof and Safe

Make Your Home More Burglar-Proof and Safe Home burglaries happen more often than most people want to think.  In fact, you may not imagine it happening to you, but what if it does?  There are ways to keep your family and home safe and while you can’t prevent a href="">home burglary, you can reduce the likelihood it will happen to you.  There are some pre-emptive measures you can take to make your home more burglar-proof and safer. In the U.S. there are over 3,000 break-ins each day.  By knowing this disturbing statistic, you may want to take action to get a step ahead of burglars who could be targeting your home right now.  Take a [...]

Make Your Home More Burglar-Proof and Safe2024-02-26T15:49:39-05:00

Earthquakes- Are you protected?

Earthquakes-Are You Protected? Unless you live in California or on the West Coast, you may not give a second thought to experiencing an earthquake, but maybe you should.  In August, North Carolina experienced an earthquake in Sparta of a magnitude of 5.2 and could be felt as far as 300 miles away.  Consider this your wakeup call.  Earthquakes can happen in any state and if it does, are you prepared for damages to your home/property that may ensue as a direct result? Does Your Homeowners Insurance Protection Include Damages from Earthquakes? A standard N.C. Homeowners Insurance Policy typically excludes coverage for damages from earthquakes but can be added by an endorsement for a nominal fee.  [...]

Earthquakes- Are you protected?2024-02-23T11:39:07-05:00

Fallen Trees and Homeowners Insurance

  The spring and summer months typically correlate with severe thunderstorms, but during any time of the year, severe weather conditions can pop up.  With fall approaching, wet weather can be expected and with winter, you can also expect ice, and snow that may result in fallen trees on your property.  As a result, you need to be familiar with your N.C. homeowners AND auto insurance policy, provisions, and conditions as to how it pertains to fallen trees and homeowners insurance coverage on your property. Key Considerations Pertaining to Fallen Trees and Homeowners Insurance First of all, you may have a preconceived notion of what your homeowners insurance covers if a tree falls on your [...]

Fallen Trees and Homeowners Insurance2024-02-23T10:59:15-05:00

Trucking Business and Covered Exposures

If you are in the trucking industry or own a trucking company, you know that having the right insurance is vital.  Keep in mind that not just any insurance will do.  You need to make sure that the trucking insurance you have reflects the risk exposures most prevalent to your business and will meet your specific trucking needs.  You may assume that insurance covers everything, but what kind of things and situations are actually covered?  Find out whether your trucking business is protected from these types of exposures. Below are Some Typical Exposures/Scenarios That Can be Covered, but Not Limited to: Your Truck and Other Property  Your truck is vandalized Your truck is involved in [...]

Trucking Business and Covered Exposures2021-04-22T16:26:55-05:00

Trucking Insurance and Common Mistakes

If you are currently in the trucking business or looking to do a startup business in the future, you need to invest in the right type of insurance protection.  Protection for your livelihood is key if you want to be successful in your business so it is essential to find the best insurance for a value you can afford.  Imagine starting a new trucking business and beginning the search for insurance only to find the one that sounded too good to be true was a “cookie cutter” insurance policy that provided many holes in the coverage you needed.  Before you sign on the dotted line, beware and try to know trucking insurance and common mistakes [...]

Trucking Insurance and Common Mistakes2021-04-22T15:58:21-05:00
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