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5 Mistakes When Buying Life Insurance

Life Insurance is one type of insurance that many people aren’t quite sure if they need and if they realize they DO need it, they aren’t quite sure of the type of life insurance most preferred and in what amount. Before you purchase life insurance, you need to be aware of 5 mistakes when buying life insurance so when you do make that investment, you will know the best type of life insurance most suited for your particular needs. Protect the people who depend on you the most with life insurance. If you have people or loved ones who depend on you financially, it is recommended that you have a life insurance policy in place [...]

5 Mistakes When Buying Life Insurance2019-05-28T22:34:14-05:00

Insurance Requirements for Hot Shot Trucking Companies

Hot shot trucking can be profitable and rewarding as this type of truck driving position typically pays more than standard truck driving jobs; however, there are insurance requirements for hot shot trucking companies that must be met before considering this line of work. What is a Hot Shot Driver? A hot shot driver typically specializes in express deliveries hauling LTL (less than truck-load mode) and does not require the usage of an entire trailer. Typically, a hot shot driver hauls freight utilizing a gooseneck trailer attached to a heavy duty flat bed truck, works on a tight schedule due to expedited hauling, and spends most of the their travel time regionally. While lucrative, it can [...]

Insurance Requirements for Hot Shot Trucking Companies2019-05-28T22:44:01-05:00

A Common Gap in Contractors’ Insurance

There is a direct correlation between an improving economy and the demand for contracting work, which sounds great in theory, but there are some pitfalls for the contractors who are trying to accept the influx of jobs and complete them to satisfaction. If you are an artisan contractor, you need to be aware of a common gap in contractors’ insurance that could leave you in a hole. Filling the Gaps  The high demand for contracting work means that contractors may be rushing to complete jobs, which can result in costly errors. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is currently a shortage in skilled contractors, which means the current contractors are faced with an [...]

A Common Gap in Contractors’ Insurance2019-05-28T22:48:20-05:00

How Your N.C. Homeowners Insurance Covers a Total Loss of Your Home

You like to think of your home as your haven for safety, security and peace of mind, but what about when the unthinkable happens and your house is totally destroyed?  Being a homeowner comes with expected situations that may occur, such as roof damage or water damage, that may generate a standard homeowners insurance loss, but are you prepared to handle anything totally devastating such as losing your home?  Find out how your N.C. homeowners insurance covers a total loss of your home so that if it happens, you will be better equipped to handle it. Catastrophic incidents that destroy your home generate anguish and distress and can create a multitude of questions on how [...]

How Your N.C. Homeowners Insurance Covers a Total Loss of Your Home2019-05-28T22:51:56-05:00

What an Insurance Score Means and How It May Affect You

Owning and operating a vehicle means you must carry liability auto insurance on that vehicle, as mandated by the state of North Carolina. However, when you are looking for an affordable insurance premium, you may be surprised to find your insurance quote is higher than expected, only to find out the reason is due to your insurance score. Find out what an insurance score means and how it may affect your insurance rate.  Insurance Score  An Insurance Score is a score designed to predict the likelihood of future accidents or claims filed based upon your credit report. You may hear the terms “insurance” score and “credit” score used similarly since they both impact your insurance [...]

What an Insurance Score Means and How It May Affect You2019-05-28T22:56:07-05:00


Note: This program ended August 1st, 2019 When Hurricane Florence hit the Carolinas in September 2018, the damages were catastrophic leaving many people without a roof over their head, so to speak. It doesn’t take much to remind those affected, that roofs are a front-line protector against severe weather and when a major hurricane hits, making sure your roof is strong enough to withstand strong winds, water, and hail is essential. In an effort to address this, North Carolina Insurance Underwriting Association (NCIUA) is introducing a pilot program that will offer up to $6,000 grants for new FORTIFIED Roofs to eligible homeowners living in the Outer Banks and Barrier islands. The FORTIFIED Roofs are designed [...]

NCIUA FORTIFIED Roof Program2019-08-01T15:47:50-05:00

What Happens When Your N.C. Car Insurance is Canceled for Non-Payment?

The state of North Carolina mandates all owners/operators of vehicles to have auto liability insurance, but what happens when your N.C. car insurance is canceled for non-payment? Not having car insurance, regardless of the reason, can be detrimental in many ways so finding out what you can do if your policy is canceled is monumental.      What a Canceled Policy Means If you receive notice that your insurance carrier is canceling your auto policy that means your policy is completely terminated at the stated date. When you initially sign on the dotted line for auto insurance, you are in a “binding” period for the first 2 months and your carrier can terminate your car insurance [...]

What Happens When Your N.C. Car Insurance is Canceled for Non-Payment?2019-05-28T23:02:29-05:00

The Drive Safe Act

If you haven’t heard of the Drive Safe Act, you may be either shocked or pleased to learn that a bill has been filed that would authorize 18-21 year olds to drive 18-wheelers professionally on the interstate, whereas now they must be 21. In most states, drivers can get their automobile drivers’ license at the age of 16, but the federal law states you must be 21 to drive a truck professionally. If the Drive Safe Act becomes a law, that will change. The Proposed Drive Safe Act  On February 26, 2019, The Drive Safe Act bill was introduced that, if passed, states drivers from 18-21 years old will be allowed to drive trucks professionally [...]

The Drive Safe Act2019-04-08T22:35:12-05:00

2019 IIHS Safest Cars

When it comes to finding the right car for your needs, you may consider a wide variety of options that are important, but is safety on your list? Each year the IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) releases the names of those vehicles that received top honors regarding their safety so if you are currently in the market for a new car, you should become familiar with the honoree list of 2019 IIHS safest cars. And the Top Honors Go to: The top ranking for the safest autos falls into the category of IIHS Top Safety Pick+, with 30 vehicles making that top honor and 27 vehicles falling into the IIHS Top Safety Pick. Last [...]

2019 IIHS Safest Cars2019-05-28T23:05:44-05:00

How You Can Protect Yourself from Uninsured Motorist/Underinsured Motorist Drivers

North Carolina requires that every owner/operator of a vehicle have auto insurance; however, that doesn’t always guarantee the protection that you think you have. First of all, just because the state mandates auto liability insurance doesn’t mean that every person on the road has insurance and second of all, having the minimum insurance requirements may not be enough protection when you need it the most. Find out how you can protect yourself from Uninsured motorist/Underinsured motorist drivers. N.C. Minimum Limits of Liability   The North Carolina minimum limits of liability auto insurance are 30/60/25 which can be explained quite easily. The 30 represents $30,000 of Bodily Injury Coverage available for 1 person suffering injury, while 60 [...]

How You Can Protect Yourself from Uninsured Motorist/Underinsured Motorist Drivers2019-04-08T22:31:22-05:00