Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella Insurance Offers Low Cost Asset Protection

You may have heard how life can change in the blink of an eye, but you probably don’t anticipate monumental life changes happening to you. One thing of which you can be assured is that sometimes unexpected situations can strike in enormous ways, stripping you of your financial security and leaving you in financial ruins if you don’t have the right type of insurance protection to safeguard your assets. Are you aware that umbrella insurance offers low cost asset protection so you won’t get soaked financially? What is Umbrella Insurance?  Umbrella insurance, otherwise known as excess liability insurance, is coverage that is designed to provide protection above and beyond what is exhausted under the liability [...]

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Cover Your ASSets with a Personal Umbrella Policy

You may not know what a personal umbrella policy is, or if you do know, then you may not think you need one. Accidents happen all the time, no matter how careful you are, and the last thing you need is a lawsuit that may strip you of all of your assets. Jeopardizing everything you have worked for may make your realize you need to cover your ASSets with a personal umbrella policy. What is a N.C. Personal Umbrella Policy?  A N.C. personal umbrella insurance policy is designed to provide protection for you and your family above and beyond (otherwise knows as excess liability insurance) the policy limits of your home, auto, or any other [...]

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Got a Teen Driver? You Need a Personal Liability Umbrella.

Most consumers understand the reasons to carry liability and collision insurance on their vehicles. Auto liability coverage is required by North Carolina state law and collision is a financial requirement to either qualify for a loan on a vehicle or to protect yourself from the loss of the vehicle in an accident. But fewer understand the need for a personal liability umbrella policy and how that need escalates when you have a teen driver in your household. While your teen may be the exception, due to inexperience and immaturity teen drivers are involved in more accidents and those accidents are more costly than any other category of drivers. Teen Drivers Are Five Times More Likely [...]

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