You may not know what a personal umbrella policy is, or if you do know, then you may not think you need one. Accidents happen all the time, no matter how careful you are, and the last thing you need is a lawsuit that may strip you of all of your assets. Jeopardizing everything you have worked for may make your realize you need to cover your ASSets with a personal umbrella policy.

What is a N.C. Personal Umbrella Policy? 

Personal Umbrella PolicyA N.C. personal umbrella insurance policy is designed to provide protection for you and your family above and beyond (otherwise knows as excess liability insurance) the policy limits of your home, auto, or any other type of personal insurance policy you may have. Typically, an umbrella policy extends coverage protection from 1 million up to 10 million dollars at a nominal fee, considering that high level of protection.

In addition, a personal umbrella policy provides protection for the following things, but not limited to:


  • Legal Defense Costs
  • False Arrest
  • Libel
  • Slander
  • False Imprisonment
  • Wrongful Eviction
  • And More!

True Story!

While travelling on a crowded interstate, a driver had several passengers in his vehicle and was pulling a boat behind the vehicle when he noticed traffic stopped ahead. When he encountered the stopped traffic, he misjudged the stopping time and rear-ended a tractor-trailer travelling in front of him. Unfortunately, the two passengers in his vehicle were killed as a result. With damages reaching almost 2 million dollars, this driver was fortunate to have a personal umbrella policy. Are you prepared should something like this happen to you?

What’s in Your Pocket?

Imagine that you caused an auto accident that resulted in a $900,000 judgment against you. Assume that your N.C. auto insurance policy has limits of $300,000 for total medical expenses, which has already been exhausted. Do you have the remaining $600,000 to pay out of pocket? If you are like most people, you don’t, so where will you get the money? You may end up having your wages garnished, liquidating your children’s college fund, or losing your home if you DO NOT have a personal umbrella policy to protect you. With a N.C. personal umbrella insurance policy, you would be covered for the entire $900,000 judgment and peace of mind restored.

Protect Yourself and Your ASSets Today

Don’t take a chance. Contact your N.C. independent insurance agent right now to find out more about a personal umbrella policy that is right for you. You have everything to lose if you don’t!