Did You Know 37% of Denied Claims are a Result of Unreported Changes to Property and Vehicles


Your Protection is Our Number One Goal

Your insurance needs change over time and that means your insurance protection should be periodically reviewed by your insurance agent.

  • Have you made any improvements to your home?
  • Do you have jewelry or other valuable items that you would want replaced if stolen or lost?
  • If you caused an accident, do you want the insurance company to pay for the entire claim?
  • Do you ever rent cars?
  • Do you own any off road vehicles or a golf cart?
  • If sewage backed up into your home, would you want the damage repaired by insurance?
  • Would you want your mortgage paid off in the event of your death?
  • If your home was damaged by flooding, would you want insurance to cover the damage?

These questions and more must be answered in order for you have the right insurance protection when you need it. Call our office today and let’s review your current coverage and get you protected properly or complete this form…

Download Our 21 Point Protection Review. Complete the review and fax to 336-869-3332 or click here to email this to our office.