mother and teen driver Now that you have a teenage driver, there are probably many questions and concerns on your mind. Will your teen drive safely and responsibly? How much is the insurance going to cost you? What if your teen causes an accident and hurts someone. Do you have the right car insurance protection in case you get sued for your teen driver’s mistake? Our Teen Driver Program can help you get the answers to these questions.

Now is the time when you need an insurance agent that understands your special needs and can help you get through this challenging time as a parent. Fortunately, you’re at the right place. Our protection team can help give you the advice and insurance protection you need.

Paramount Insurance Teen Driver Program

  • Free 16 Step Safe Teen Driver Home Study Course (Valued at $59)
  • 21 Point Protection Review
  • 101 Safety Tips for Teen Drivers
  • Teenager/ Parent Driving Contract
  • Careless Driving Consequences
  • And More!

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