Excuses for NOT Buying Life InsuranceNobody likes to think about dying and leaving loved ones who depend on you with a financial burden, but have you prepared for this scenario if something does happen to you? Buying life insurance may not be on your top list of “things to do”, but if you have family/loved ones who depend on you financially, maybe you should stop making excuses for NOT buying life insurance and go ahead and contact your N.C. independent insurance agency to push forward and make the plan for you and your family today.

Some Common Excuses People Use 

Too Costly- Some people may think that life insurance is costly, but it isn’t! There are so many choices available for life insurance plans that range from short term to long term, so it is recommended you contact your local N.C. independent insurance agent to discuss the life insurance plan that may work best for you at a rate you can afford. For a nominal cost to you, you will have peace of mind that doesn’t come with a price tag, should something unfortunate happen to you.

Good Health- Many people think if they are young and healthy, then there is no need to worry about purchasing life insurance coverage. However, health can quickly change and the time when you are young and healthy is the best and most affordable time to purchase life insurance. Protecting future concerns before you need to be concerned is the key.

Poor Health- On the other hand, people argue that their health is poor so purchasing life insurance will be too costly or not even available with their pending health concerns/issues. What people don’t know is this. You are insurable, regardless of heath, age or past medical history. There are so many different available coverage options to fit your particular needs, so it is recommended you contact your N.C. independent insurance agent to discuss all of your concerns and establish a life insurance policy that is the right fit for you.

Single with No Children- Most people think that life insurance is only for people who are married with children; however, there are financial factors that need to be considered should you die unexpectedly, such as funeral/burial expenses and unpaid debts. If you are younger in age and have debts, then you should consider getting life insurance while the rates are lower, to protect the person who may be left handling your estate.

Other Life Insurance at Work- Many employers provide life insurance; however it is typically limited and may not be adequate coverage should something happen to you. Also, if you do change jobs, the life insurance policy won’t follow you.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

Life insurance doesn’t come with a handbook that gives direction as to WHEN to buy it, but you never meet anyone who has it that wishes they had not purchased it. It’s easy to make excuses of why you DON’T need life insurance, but it may be time to change your mind set to cite reasons why you DO need life insurance. Call us TODAY at 866-869-3335 to discuss a life insurance policy that fits your current or long-term needs within a budget you can afford.