Certificates of InsuranceOne of the biggest headaches contractors, trucking companies and other companies face are job delays due to waiting on certificates of insurance. We get calls all of the time from these business owners who are looking for a new agent complaining that their current agent takes too long to generate COI’s. One trucking owner operator told me last week that his agent takes more than 48 hours to send the COI. And if one is needed on a weekend or holiday, it takes even longer. No More! Here at Paramount Insurance, you can get instant certificates of insurance on demand 24/7!

That’s right. We are committed to making your life easier. As a business owner, we understand your challenges and we don’t want to hold you up from making money. You have enough other challenges to deal with. Just as we get you the right insurance protection at the lowest cost, you can now get that extra service your current agent isn’t providing.

Never Wait For a COI again! How You Can Get Instant Certificates of Insurance.

Imagine running late to pick up a load on a Friday evening. You requested a certificate to be sent the day before and when you arrive at the dock, you discover the Certificates of Insurance were never sent. Either someone dropped the ball or didn’t fax it to the right number. Now, after traveling hundreds of miles, you have to wait until Monday morning when the insurance agent’s office opens!

If and when you become a client of ours, you will get access to PIACerts.com. Here you will first request a login, then you will get instructions on how to set up your password. Once you login from your phone, tablet or computer, you can add the certificate holder and order the COI. Immediately, it is sent to the holder and a copy to you for your records.

Does Your Current Insurance Agent Offer Instant Certificates of Insurance?

If not, the good news is not only can you get instant Certificates of Insurance, you can save money on your insurance and get better protection. Call us at Paramount Insurance today and let us give you the service and protection at the lowest cost!

This benefit is free for all of our commercial insurance clients for commercial auto, contractors, general liability, cargo insurance and more in North and South Carolina.