How Auto Accident Damages Are EstimatedYou never like to think of being involved in an auto accident but to be realistic, you, at some point, WILL be involved in an auto accident and your car will most likely withstand damages. When an auto accident occurs, you may jump out of your car to inspect the damages and immediately wonder just how much these damages will cost. Being aware of how your auto accident damages are estimated will prove to be helpful when and if an auto accident does happen.

Below Are Some Tips to Follow After You Are Involved in an Auto Accident:

  • Notify your N.C. independent insurance agent to determine if a claim should be filed. 
  • Once/if a claim is made, verify the facts of the accident with the N.C. auto insurance adjuster.
  • Confirm coverage with your N.C. auto insurance company for the damages to your vehicle before proceeding.
  • Tie down damages to your auto, either by the appraiser/adjuster or the body shop of your choice. Pictures will be taken, prior damages noted, and an estimate to repair executed for only damages sustained from this one particular accident.

A Typical Auto Estimate Includes the Following:

Unless you are a car specialist, work in a body shop, or familiar with working on cars, you may not know what is involved or included in a typical auto estimate for sustained damages.

Normally when the body shop or the field appraiser writes an estimate for auto repairs, it includes an itemized list of necessary auto body parts that are specified as to whether they need to be replaced or repaired, the labor hours involved, an estimated paint time, subtotals, and taxes. The finalized estimate amount is, however, not written in stone. Sometimes the appraiser or body shop indicates that hidden/additional damages may be discovered while repairing. Keep in mind that your N.C. auto insurance company is compelled to pay for these additional/hidden costs (“supplemental damages”) as long as they are accident related.

Once receiving /reviewing the estimate of damages to your vehicle, don’t be surprised that it seems higher than what you envisioned upon inspection. Labor costs are quite costly, especially depending on the type of damages your vehicle has sustained. Typically labor fees run $44-$48/hour and if the body shop has to remove and reinstall parts, the labor costs can be quite pricey.

You Must Know to Understand

Being in the know is a must when it comes to your property, whether it is your home or your car. If your vehicle is involved in an accident, it pays to know how the repair costs are calculated. If you suffer an unfortunate accident and have any questions regarding the calculation of estimated damages, we are here to assist you in any way possible. Contact us with any questions at 866-869-3335