Modern red semi truck with white trailer safely driving in the right lane on a highway in light traffic on a clear dayHow to Get New Trucking Authority 

If you have ever wanted to join the trucking industry as your own boss, now may be a great time!  Working on a new venture as your own boss may have the benefits and perks you have been seeking, so if that sparks your interest, do you know how to get new trucking authority?  Trucking authority, otherwise referred to as “motor carrier authority”, is required if you wish to pursue your own trucking company. The good news is that once granted by the government, you can begin handling YOUR trucking business under your own Motor Carrier (MC) number. 

Guidelines to Attain Your New Trucking Authority: 

Decide on Your Type of Business- The trucking business you wish to begin can be anything you want, since you are the boss!  There are a variety of business types from which you can choose and it is recommended you protect your business by establishing an LLC (Limited Liability Company).  It is key that you legally protect your assets as a sole proprietor. 

Complete and Submit the UCR- A Unified Carrier Registration must be completed and filed for transporters with one or two trucks.  Please note that UCR fees range depending on the number of commercial motor vehicles that you operate in “interstate commerce.” 

Obtain USDOT#- Your U.S. Department of Transportation number contains data regarding the number of trucks you own and operate, safety records of your trucking company, and the listed truck drivers. There is no fee to obtain this USDOT#; however, note that having this number does NOT mean you have been granted trucking authority. 

Obtain MC#- In addition to a DOT#, anyone who is transporting passengers (for a fee) in interstate commerce along with anyone transporting goods belonging to others for a fee must also obtain a MC#.  The fee to obtain this is $300 and is issued by the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration). 

Designate Your Process Agent- Use the BOC-3 and FMCSA form to assign your process agent and ensure that this agent can protect you in every state where you are operating. FMCSA maintains records of process agents systemized by their location and can be found under Registration and Licensing on their website. 

Obtain Trucking Insurance- Your N.C. trucking company deserves the right type of N.C. trucking insurance so it’s essential you shop for the insurance that protects your trucking insurance needs at a price you can afford.  Keep in mind that as a new business owner, you can expect to pay more for your insurance premium; however, if you control your losses and maintain a safe driving record, your rates may decrease after a few years of experience.  It is recommended you seek a trucking insurance specialist who can shop your coverage options and find the best rate for your specific N.C. trucking needs. 

It is mandated you obtain liability and cargo trucking insurance within the first 2 weeks after filing for your MC#.  If there is no record of insurance found after 2 weeks, your trucking authority application will be dismissed. 

Truck Signage- The federal law requires any truck to have the following on each side of the cab: 1) MC# 2) DOT# proceeded by the letters “USDOT” 3) Legal name of the motor carrier operating the truck listed on form MCS-150. 

File IRP- The International Registration Plan is designed AND required for a person or company involved in commercial transportation involving interstate travel and has specific weight criteria. 

File UCRA- All interstate motor carriers are subject to fees under the Unified Carrier Registration Agreement. Fees are established based on the number of vehicles used to transport freight. 

Register IFTA- The International Fuel Tax Agreement is required before you can become operational in your N.C. trucking business. 

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