How to Get the lowest Rate on Your Motorcycle InsuranceWhen purchasing a motorcycle, you probably invested a lot of money and time to find just the right one, but did you take the time to do all your research on the best motorcycle insurance protection or did you just purchase the “cheapest” guaranteed rate? Believe it or not, you CAN get exceptional insurance protection for your motorcycle while still getting a low insurance premium rate. Knowing how to get the lowest rate on your motorcycle insurance can save you money down the stretch.

Taking the Cheap Route May End Up Being Costly

Imagine making an investment in a motorcycle when it gets stolen. You thought you had great insurance protection because that’s what was guaranteed when you bought that “cheap” insurance, only to find out your coverage was subpar. The insurance company tells you that your insurance will not cover your custom accessories among other things that are deemed “excluded.”

Only after experiencing a loss, you find out that you have the wrong insurance coverage and now you have to pay out of pocket for all of the exclusions you never knew about. Have you done your homework to guarantee you have sufficient insurance protection on your motorcycle?

Tips to Save Money

Be a Safe Rider- Being a responsible driver will qualify you for a reduction in your insurance premium. Not having accidents and even enrolling in a motorcycle safety course will let your insurance company know you are a safe driver. In exchange for this, your insurance company may reward you with a discount.

Investigate All of the Available Discounts- There are many special discounts that are available such as Safe Driver, Multi-Policy, and Motorcycle Safety courses, so call our office today to find out how many you may qualify for.

Run from Cookie Cutter Motorcycle Insurance Gimmicks- If you simply buy the cheapest insurance for your motorcycle, you may save money on the front end, but if you have a loss, it may end up very costly in the end. Look for an insurance company willing to custom build insurance protection for you, while still ensuring a rate you can afford.

Combine All of Your Insurance Policies- Many motorcycle insurance companies will offer you a discounted rate by combing your motorcycle, homeowners, and auto policies with the same independent insurance agent. By being loyal to them, they will reward you with a discounted premium.

Use an Independent Insurance Agent That is a Motorcycle Insurance Specialist- An independent insurance agent will work for YOU and not the employer to ensure you get the motorcycle insurance protection that you need while shopping for the best insurance rate. An independent insurance agent will handle your claim effectively and efficiently, while providing the customer service you deserve.

Maintain Bike Safety- There are many ways to keep your bike safe, which include having an alarm system on your motorcycle, housing it in a safe location, and using an extra lock when at locations that leave your bike most vulnerable. Doing these safety precautions will save you money on your motorcycle insurance rate.    

To get the insurance protection you deserve and need for your motorcycle, call our office TODAY at 866-869-3335.