Trucking insurance for small motor carriersAs a trucking business owner, you realize that your business is not only vastly specialized, but is inherently risky which is why having the best coverage for your trucking needs is crucial for not only the protection of your business, but the success of your business as well. Finding the right type of insurance for your trucking business for small motor carriers is more problematic than a standard home or car insurance policy because there are merely a few insurance agents in NC, SC, and VA that can provide the coverage options that you may need.

We Offer Many Trucking Company Insurance Solutions

Paramount Insurance Agency is a N.C. independent insurance agency that is here to work with you and for you to find the best coverage at the lowest cost. Below are just some of the reasons savvy trucking businesses trust Paramount Insurance Agency for all their trucking insurance needs.

  1. We are honored to serve as your local Transportation Risk Specialist, which means we not only invest our resources and time to stay on top of the latest trucking industry trends, but are also committed to protecting your specific trucking insurance needs.
  2. While government regulations are constantly changing the trucking business for both small and large motor carriers, we understand the challenges that smaller trucking firms may encounter while trying to find the resources for an insurance policy that not only affords the right type of coverage, but one that is also affordable.
  3. Keep in mind that the larger trucking firms don’t have to endure the same obstacles due to their size and that’s where we fit into the puzzle.  We are not simply focused on selling an insurance policy to you; we are partners with you to prioritize your long-term protection and success of your trucking business.
  4. Paramount Insurance Agency is the only agency in the area that has partnered with the nation’s foremost expert on truck insurance to design a risk management strategy for you while helping you manage your SMS scores and avoid costly hassles from the government.
  5. By focusing on trucking, we as an agency have access to many top-rated specialized trucking insurance programs which means we can shop your coverage to find the best coverage options that specifically meet your N.C. trucking insurance needs with better pricing options for your budget. Our relationship with you is viewed as a partnership that focuses on the success and protection of your business, unlike the generalist agents.

For additional information on how to secure the right insurance protection for your N.C. trucking business, give us a call TODAY at 866-869-3335. We can customize insurance protection for your trucking business in addition to helping to manage your SMS scores. Our commitment to you focuses on your success, profitability, and top notched insurance protection.