New Interactive Tool Helps You Determine How Much Every Inch of Water In Your Home Will Cost You if You’re Not Covered by Flood Insurance.

It’s spring time here in North Carolina. It’s also the time of year when the weather brings unexpected disasters. Many storms begin to appear and flash flooding becomes a serious problem for many. The next 6 months are filled with the possibility of serious damage from flooding. As hurricane season approaches it gets worse.

flood insuranceHopefully, you know that damage from flood is NOT covered by homeowners insurance. That’s right. If your home is flooded, the cost to replace your belongings and repair the damage is coming out of your pocket unless you have a separate flood insurance policy.

Fortunately for most homeowners, flood insurance protection is very cheap and can cost as little as $129 a year if you are located in a low to moderate flood zone. For more expensive homes and if you want coverage for personal property, it can cost a bit more.

What most homeowners don’t understand is that flooding can happen anywhere. Do you remember what happened in the Atlanta area in 2009? 18 inches of rain in 18 hours caused 20,000 home to be damaged and the rain over the next several days made the situation worse. Homes were flooded up to 14 feet and flooding began in just a few hours of the storm. You see, it can happen right here in North Carolina. The topography in the Atlanta area is very similar to ours. Don’t think it won’t happen here.

Important: There is a 30 day waiting period before flood insurance coverage takes effect. Call today.

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