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North Carolina teen driver insurance

Insuring your family with a teen driver can be very costly especially, if your teen causes an accident and you don’t have the right North Carolina Teen Driver Insurance protection should a lawsuit arise.

The Paramount Protection Team has helped hundreds of families with teen drivers get the right insurance protection and find ways to save on their premiums. And we can help you too!

What could happen if you have the wrong North Carolina Teen Driver Insurance?

Now that you have a teen driver in your household, you are 5 times more likely to be sued due to your teen’s mistake that causes a car accident. Without the right liability protection from your NC auto insurance policy, you could be left paying for damages exceeding your liability limits from your auto policy.

Parent of Teen Driver Risk Assessment

  1. Assume your teen is driving to school and causes an accident. 2 people are seriously injured and their medical bills total $425,000 plus the total property damage is $56,000. How much will your insurance company pay?
  2. Do you have a personal liability umbrella?
  3. When you called your agent to add your teen driver, did your agent recommend any changes to your policy?
  4. If your teen bumps into a light post in a parking lot and does $898 in damage to your car. Would you turn in this claim?

If you are unsure of the answers to any of these questions, we need to talk. You see, now that you have a teen driver, your insurance needs have changed drastically and should be addressed before something happens. We’ll give you the advice you need and can help you find special discounts and ways to reduce your insurance costs without losing important coverage.

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“I met Tom Wiecek at a Street Safe Driving School my son was attending. I was impressed by his passion for explaining my insurance needs to me. He followed up with me and was able to increase my coverage to the level I needed , and save me over $200.00 per year! Sheri’s customer service skills are outstanding! She put our plan in motion attending to all of the details making it an absolute joy to do business with Paramount. Now that I have a teen driver I am responsible for, I sleep better at night knowing I have the Paramount Team assuring I have the right insurance coverage.

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“After my insurance agent of almost 20 years retired I started searching for new insurance agents/companies. I dealt with a couple that weren’t on top of things and offered poor customer service. Then I found Paramount and was not only able to save money but also received better coverage. In addition, I’m now dealing with someone that I feel values my business and has my best interests in mind.”

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“Sharon was an absolute blessing. My family has recently come out of a difficult financial situation and we needed new homeowners insurance, not knowing a lot about the process Ms. Sharon was amazing guiding me thru the process and getting me a policy-homeowners and auto.. that fit our budget. I am so glad that I found Paramount!”

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