men in front of the truckAmerican small truck business owners are facing very challenging times. Especially, smaller trucking businesses that don’t have the resources to conform to the big government regulations that are forcing so many out of business. In this article, we’ll help you learn how to protect your trucking business.

In this blog, you’ll find tips and strategies that we have found to help other trucking firms like yours run efficiently, reduce expenses and become more profitable. Plus, we know that people do business with people they know, like and trust. We hope to give you an introduction of who we are and how we help your trucking business get the right trucking insurance protection at the lowest cost plus, how we can help you keep your trucks on the road most profitably.

You’ll also find that we do business much differently than other insurance agencies. Our goal is to help small to medium size trucking firms become more profitable by avoiding costly government hassles and saving money on insurance premiums. Instead of just selling insurance, we help you buy it. We want to keep you as a client for the long haul and by working to help you succeed, you’ll be more likely to become a long term client.

Paramount Insurance is the only authorized Transportation Risk Specialist agency in North Carolina. The TRS program is led by the nation’s foremost expert in transportation insurance, Tommy Ruke. Tommy has over 30 years in trucking insurance and continues to train our staff on the ever changing government regulations effecting the trucking industry as well the best ways to protect trucking firms.

Tom Wiecek, president of Paramount Insurance and our Trucking Insurance Specialist, Ken Hoffman have years of combined insurance experience helping business owners get the most value from their insurance protection. By educating clients on how they are protected and how to avoid the pitfalls of “poor” insurance that can cause devastating effects to a business, our clients become better educated consumers and better protected when something “bad” happens.

csa logoAs North Carolina’s only Transportation Risk Specialist agency, we exclusively offer to our clients a SMS Pre-Alert Notification Service that CSA 2010monitors the SMS scores for all five Behavior Analysis and Safety Improvement Categories (BASICs). The system will alert you when any of these scores reach within 10 points of an “Alert” status. This allows you to take action to prevent reaching critical levels that can cost you loads, increase the number of inspections and ultimately, reduce your profits.

Tom local news interviewTom has been featured several times on local news stations including Fox 8, News 2 and News 14 about Tom Wiecek Interviewhis auto insurance and driving safety knowledge. In 2008, Tom saw the need to reduce the number of teen driver related fatalities and spearheaded a group including local police officials, a district court judge and district attorneys to create a permanent program that educates young drivers on how to avoid the dangers of that can occur on the road.

Tom believes that too many lives are senselessly lost on the roads and by educating young drivers while they are most impressionable, the roads can become safer for all drivers.

So, as you can begin to see, Paramount Insurance is not your typical insurance agency. We work to help small trucking businesses like yours understand the insurance you are buying, protecting you from government hassles and headaches, saving you money on your insurance protection, educating young drivers about safely driving near your rigs, and much more.

If you want to get the most out of your insurance dollar, give us a call at 336-803-7479 and let us get to work for you today. To save time, have your insurance information handy so we can quickly and efficiently determine if we can help you. Even if you don’t have it handy now, call us anyway and we’ll schedule an appointment that’s convenient for you.