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You as a trucking business owner, you know that your business is different than most – it is highly specialized, and from an insurance standpoint carries far greater risk than most businesses. In short, while virtually any insurance agent can insure a home or car, there are few in NC, SC and VA that can provide you with the proper coverage from multiple insurance companies to get you the best coverage at the lowest cost. Here’s why savvy trucking businesses trust Paramount Insurance for their trucking insurance.

Paramount Insurance Agency is proud to serve you as your local Transportation Risk Specialist. This means to you that we actively invest our time and resources to make sure that we are on the cutting edge of your trucking insurance needs, but also have our finger on the pulse of the trucking industry.

More so than any time in the last decade, trucking firms like yours are facing a Make or Break Time. Government regulations are continually changing the trucking business for small and large motor carriers. Larger trucking firms have the resources to navigate through this minefield; the problem for most small to medium sized truck firms is that they don’t have the same resources which ends up costing more money to their bottom line.

Most agencies are focused solely on trying to sell insurance to you – we see our relationship differently – we are partners with you, working together for your ongoing protection and success.

Here is how we help small to medium size trucking firms:

Our agency is the only agency in the area to have partnered with the nation’s foremost expert on truck insurance to develop not just a risk management strategy for you, but also help you manage your SMS scores and avoid costly hassles from the government.

Why you as a savvy trucker will want to do business with us versus a generalist agency:

We not only assist you with the insurance component of your business, but also the ongoing success of your business.

By focusing on trucking, we as an agency have access to many specialized trucking insurance programs which are not available to generalist agents – in short, more choice means better coverage and pricing options for you.

Instead of the usual buyer/seller relationship – we view our relationship as a partnership platform to protect you and help you be profitable.

For more information on how we can help you get the right insurance protection for your trucking business, save money on your trucking insurance and help you become more profitable by helping you manage your SMS scores, give us a call at 336-803-7479 or click here to learn more.