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How a Consent to Rate Letter Affects You 

How a Consent to Rate Letter Affects You  Perhaps you have heard of a Consent to Rate form, but never paid much attention to what it involves, until NOW.  You just received one in the mail and now you NEED to know how it pertains to you.  Find out how a Consent to Rate Letter affects you and what you need to do should you receive it.   First of all, you need to know what a Consent to Rate Letter is before you can know how it may impact you and your N.C. homeowners and auto insurance premium rate.  The N.C. Insurance Commissioner endorses rates for both homeowners and auto insurance policies for the state of North Carolina, [...]

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Dangerous Dog Breeds-Best Friends or Foes? 

Dangerous Dog Breeds-Best Friends or Foes?  Owning a dog can be very rewarding, but may come with its share of risks, especially if your dog bites someone.  Approximately 4.5 million people are victims of dog bites per year according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  Although your N.C. homeowner’s insurance typically provides liability coverage for dog bites, up to the acquired limits of liability, you may find yourself in a financial bind if you are the owner of a certain breed(s) deemed as “dangerous.”  Before you purchase or adopt a dog, you may want to reflect on what is considered to be “dangerous” dog breeds.  Some insurance carriers may refuse homeowners coverage for [...]

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Public Wi-Fi And the Dangers

Public Wi-Fi And the Dangers  In our world today, everything revolves around technology.  Whether in cars, grocery stores, restaurants or coffee shops, you'll find people staring at their phones or working on their computers. While there are many perks to this, there is also a significant downside.  Did you know that some of those people you may see on their laptops and/or phones may be trying to steal YOUR identity?  So, before you think about signing onto your computer, you need to know about public Wi-Fi and the dangers associated with it.  Free Wi-Fi May Cost You   The ability to work on phones and laptops from anywhere is an amazing feat, but the growing trend [...]

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Some of the Most Common Homeowner’s Claims 

Some of the Most Common Homeowner’s Claims  Owning a home means you will inevitably encounter some type of homeowners claim, such as a plumbing issue, damaged property, or theft, to name a few.  Regardless of the unexpected situation, you will be faced with damage to your home or property, some of which can be quite costly.  Knowing some of the most common homeowners claims along with having the right homeowner’s insurance protection is essential to protecting perhaps your biggest investment.  Helpful Information to Prepare for the Common Homeowner’s Claims’  Knowing some of the most common homeowner's insurance claims won’t prevent them from happening but can help you prepare for those unexpected claims when they do. [...]

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Insuring Lakefront Properties

Insuring Lakefront Properties Having a second home on the lake comes with its share of perks such as relaxation, boating, soaking in the sun, and spending time with family and friends.  However, there are risks involved when insuring lakefront properties that must be addressed in order to have the protection you deserve.  If you own another home or are in the market for a second home on the lake, it is recommended you address some specific concerns so that you can optimize the insurance protection along with your investment.  Considerations to Explore When Insuring Lakefront Properties  You love spending time at your second home on the lake, especially now and in the coming months, but [...]

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Make Your Home More Burglar-Proof and Safe

Make Your Home More Burglar-Proof and Safe Home burglaries happen more often than most people want to think.  In fact, you may not imagine it happening to you, but what if it does?  There are ways to keep your family and home safe and while you can’t prevent a href="https://paramountinsurance.net/personal/north-carolina-homeowners-insurance-quote">home burglary, you can reduce the likelihood it will happen to you.  There are some pre-emptive measures you can take to make your home more burglar-proof and safer. In the U.S. there are over 3,000 break-ins each day.  By knowing this disturbing statistic, you may want to take action to get a step ahead of burglars who could be targeting your home right now.  Take a [...]

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Earthquakes- Are you protected?

Earthquakes-Are You Protected? Unless you live in California or on the West Coast, you may not give a second thought to experiencing an earthquake, but maybe you should.  In August, North Carolina experienced an earthquake in Sparta of a magnitude of 5.2 and could be felt as far as 300 miles away.  Consider this your wakeup call.  Earthquakes can happen in any state and if it does, are you prepared for damages to your home/property that may ensue as a direct result? Does Your Homeowners Insurance Protection Include Damages from Earthquakes? A standard N.C. Homeowners Insurance Policy typically excludes coverage for damages from earthquakes but can be added by an endorsement for a nominal fee.  [...]

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Fallen Trees and Homeowners Insurance

  The spring and summer months typically correlate with severe thunderstorms, but during any time of the year, severe weather conditions can pop up.  With fall approaching, wet weather can be expected and with winter, you can also expect ice, and snow that may result in fallen trees on your property.  As a result, you need to be familiar with your N.C. homeowners AND auto insurance policy, provisions, and conditions as to how it pertains to fallen trees and homeowners insurance coverage on your property. Key Considerations Pertaining to Fallen Trees and Homeowners Insurance First of all, you may have a preconceived notion of what your homeowners insurance covers if a tree falls on your [...]

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16 Dangerous Dog Breeds Banned by Homeowners Insurance Companies

This is Sadie, a rescued lab/collie mix. Before you bite the messenger, you should know that I am a dog lover and have experience with owning a dangerous breed dog. I’m also an insurance agent and know how risky and costly owning a dangerous dog can be. So, this is a tough subject for me to write about. My heart goes out to all dog owners, especially those that rescue dogs that need a loving home. However there’s no arguing the statistics that show the economic impact the dangerous dog breeds have on homeowners insurance losses. Before I share with you the 16 dangerous dog breeds banned by homeowners insurance companies, let [...]

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How to Prepare for Winter Storm Pax

As you are most likely aware, we are under a winter storm warning though Thursday evening. According to our friends at WGHP Fox 8 News there is a 100% chance of significant snow fall and possibly ice in their viewing area. Ice can be very damaging to property so in case you experience damage, I wanted to let you know what to do to prepare for winter storm Pax and how to prevent further damage. Our office may be closed tomorrow depending on the arrival of the storm. We will be answering phones though and will be here for you in case you have damage and need to file a property or auto insurance claim. [...]

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