Correlation Between SAFER and FMCSAThe Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is the chief federal government agency that focuses on and regulates transportation in the United States.  Their mission emphasizes safety on the roadways involving commercial trucking companies, commercial motor vehicles, buses and those driving with a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License).  Part of the FMCSA’s job includes overseeing, handling, and providing the information in Safety and Fitness Electronic Records (SAFER). Hence, the basic correlation between SAFER and FMCSA.

The material available in SAFER’s links comes from data that is founded and provided by the FMCSA and typically include the following areas for review when providing insurance:

  • Licensing and Insurance- The Licensing and Insurance links have information from the OP1 (application form for Motor Proper Carrier and Broker Authority) to transport goods in interstate commerce.  In addition, a DOT# is required along with a second MC# for insurance requirements in an effort to review and provide insurance.  Keep in mind that motor carriers having only a DOT# will not have any information in Licensing and Insurance unless applied for after 12/16. The MC# will go away when (and if) the URS is ever completed.
  • Company Snapshot- The first part of this link includes information that the motor carrier provides to FMCSA in reference to their MCS150 update or any new applications for a DOT#.  The second part of The Company Snapshot includes electronic records provided by the specific motor carrier company indicating information such as safety record/rating, identification, size, and accident documentation.  This information is sent to FMCSA from enforcement officers.
  • Analysis and information (A&I)- A&I links include the information from the Snapshot but are more detailed and informative.  Any motor carrier that has a DOT# will have information, provided by FMCSA, in A&I.  Data from the MCSA-1/MCS150 reveals each motor carrier profile which outlines information gained by the enforcement officer upon inspection and on-road activities provided with the 5 BASICS’s or CSA/SMS. A&I provides useful information such as precise locations of any/all crashes involving large motor carriers, customized reports on any large truck crashes along with any other company safety data gathered.  Basically, all holders of DOT#’s have crucial data gathered and obtained from FMCSA sources and is used when providing insurance.

The Bottom Line on SAFER and FMCSA

Two applications, Motor Carrier Service identification report (MCS150) and DOT# must be filed with the FMCSA.  The motor carrier’s name used for DOT# can be shortened or slightly different from the one used for the MC# (OP1).  For example, one may read “Truck, Incorporated” while the other reads, “Truck, Inc.”  Either way, there is no real concern when/if you have different names because with the new DOT#’s and MC#’s, the MCSA-1 application includes requests for both DOT# and MC# so the names will be the same.

Both the SAFER program and FMCSA focus on safety on the roadways along with awareness among the driving public concerning sharing the road, SAFELY, with large trucks.  Contact our offices at 866-869-3335 for all your N.C. trucking insurance needs.