Cheap Insurance PoliciesYou may hear a lot about homeowners and auto insurance, but most likely the main focus is on rates with little to no mention of the protection you are getting.  First of all, let me take a moment to THANK YOU for your business and trust in my team for allowing us to protect what is most important to you.  I would like to share with you the importance of proper home and auto insurance protection because without it, you could be exposed to many horrific situations that I have personally witnessed too many times.

Being in the business for over 24 years, I have seen many people lose personal property, priceless photographs, and family heirlooms due to fire, wind, flood, and theft and witnessed accidents that resulted in serious injuries, property damage, exuberant lawsuits and even the loss of loved ones.

Some of the claims that we have helped clients with over the years include the 17 year old whose mistake put her friend in the hospital for 4 weeks, the 10-year-old boy that was paralyzed in an accident, the 2 drivers that caused tractor trailers to overturn, resulting in damages of $355,000 and over a million dollars in cargo damage.  These are real life accidents and I am proud to say these folks are still my clients and can attest to the importance of quality insurance protection.

How Do You Save Money on Home and Auto Insurance?

The insurance industry spends billions of dollars a year in advertising (manipulating) consumers that “saving” is the most important factor when choosing your insurer, but never seems to consider what may happen if you don’t have the right insurance protection or if you are underinsured.  That’s NOT how you save money.

Being underinsured for a catastrophic loss means that you will be responsible for any and all damages above and beyond what your insurance protection affords.  If you have any concerns regarding your current insurance protection, please contact us right away and we can make any necessary changes that best suit your specific needs, at a rate you can afford.  Trying to save money by choosing a “cheap” insurance policy may backfire down the road, leaving your pockets empty.

Speaking of Rates

Insurance is not the most popular subject especially with the volatility in today’s insurance market. Here in North Carolina, we are seeing rates increasing this year, with some companies taking higher rate hikes than others. We have enjoyed some of the lowest auto insurance rates in the US for many years, but that’s all changing due to a dramatic increase in auto liability claims resulting from distracted driving and tougher underwriting of risks.

The N.C. Department of Insurance has fought insurance companies to keep rates down but the fact is, rates are on the rise, which is why we can work for you to find the best coverage options most suitable for all of your needs while still shopping for the best rate.

You’re in the Right Place!

As an independent insurance agency, we offer CHOICE and don’t have the advertising budgets the captive agents have, which is why we are able to shop the marketplace for the best homeowners and auto insurance protection for you at an affordable rate. Finding the right fit for my clients is priceless!  Call Paramount Insurance Agency today at 866-869-3335 if you would like us to shop your N.C. coverage options or update your existing protection.