Tips to Avoid the Most Common Boating AccidentsWhat you plan on happening while boating is not always what actually happens. Imagine planning a great day on the lake on the boat with friends, cooler packed, sunscreen on, when out of nowhere you plow into a submerged tree stump. Not only is there significant damage to your boat, but also some of your passengers are complaining of neck pain. Are you prepared to handle this type of situation? Knowing tips to avoid the most common boating accidents doesn’t prevent them from happening, but it will make you more aware of the risks involved while prioritizing safety!

Common Causes of Boating Accidents, but Not Limited to:

Many unfortunate things happen while boating every day and because boating accidents are fairly common, it is wise to be aware of the most common ones and how to avoid them at all costs.

Failure to Weather the Storm- Since summer weather is very unpredictable, a storm can pop up out of nowhere. Being able to assess weather conditions and handle them properly is vital, so always be aware of the weather conditions before embarking on an outing. Always have a good check of your safety equipment and have a plan. Preventing accidents and saving lives should be your main agenda when facing bad weather.

Speeding- Speeding is one of the biggest causes of boating accidents and you can imagine why. You are on the lake and suddenly a watercraft goes flying by at the speed of light. It all may seem fine until that boat plows into a stationary object (sandbar or dock) or another boat or jet ski. Speeding reduces your viewpoint and awareness of things present in the water, which increases the level of danger. Enrolling in boating classes can help regulate this type of behavior on a boat so stay educated!

Alcohol- Just as in a vehicle, you must follow the rules for alcohol consumption while operating a boat. You cannot be even slightly intoxicated to drive the boat or have a BAC level exceeding .08. More than half of fatalities of boating accidents occur because the boat operator has been drinking alcohol. Drinking while operating a boat endangers the lives of those on your boat and everyone else around. Do NOT drink and drive!

Passenger Recklessness- If you have been on a boat, chances are you have seen people jumping off while the boat is moving, climbing where they shouldn’t, not wearing life jackets, or other reckless behavior. As a passenger, stay seated and wear life jackets. As the boat operator, maintain order and safety!

Operator Inexperience- Just as you take time to learn how to operate a vehicle, you also need to be properly trained before hitting the waters in a boat. Again, just because boating is fun and something you do for thrills, doesn’t mean you can simply learn as you boat around. Failure to operate a boat safely endangers you, your passengers, and everyone else on the water/lake.

Operating a boat is a huge responsibility that should be taken very seriously so before the next outing, make sure you enroll in safety courses that can teach you lessons for avoiding many of common types of accidents.

Careless/Reckless operation- Just because boating is considered to be fun and carefree doesn’t mean you should be carefree and CARELESS. Each and every time you operate the boat, you should be completely CAREFUL, aware and attentive. Your job is to keep everyone safe.

Malfunction of the Boat- If you are a boat owner, it is your responsibility to maintain the operation of the boat. Equipment failure is a dangerous aspect of boating causing injuries and death every year. Keeping your boat in good working condition (checking the engine, navigation equipment, communication equipment, steering system, etc.) will help keep your boat more equipped to run in the waters.

Safe Travels!

Even though there are many safety precautions to be taken while boating, it can still be thrilling and fun! Next time your boat hits the water, you can feel safer, more educated; yet still have a fun filled day on the waters! Trust Paramount Insurance Agency with ALL of your insurance needs TODAY. Keeping you safe 12 months out of the year is our priority so call us at 866-869-3335 or Click Here for more information. With the right insurance, you can enjoy your next boating excursion to its fullest!