What You May Not Know About Car InsuranceYou may realize that if you own a car, it is legally mandated that you have insurance on the car, but do you know all there is to know about car insurance? It may seem simplistic that if you get into an accident, your insurance will most likely apply to cover damages, but is it really that simple? What you may not know about car insurance is that it doesn’t have to be complicated, but with the help of your local N.C. independent insurance agent, you can fully understand the process of purchasing the right type of auto insurance for your needs and the filing of auto insurance claims should an accident occur.

Some Questions That Continue to Be Asked Most Frequently Include the Following, but Not Limited to:

Does my N.C. auto insurance provide protection for my car, the driver, or other people? 

  • This is probably the most frequently confusing question people ask and the  answer is this. Typically, insurance follows the car; however the auto insurance coverage sometimes protects the car and sometimes is designed to protect other people that may sustain injuries/damages as a direct result of the operation of your car.
  • If you have comprehensive and collision coverage on your vehicle and your vehicle is damaged by either of these two situations, your N.C. auto insurance coverage will kick in and provide coverage following a covered loss. Collision coverage is designed to provide coverage for damages to your car as a result of an auto accident. Comprehensive provides coverage for situations when your auto is damaged from covered perils such as fire, theft, vandalism, hitting a deer, and cracked windshields.
  • Regarding liability coverage (bodily injury and property damage) under your N.C. auto insurance policy, coverage is designed to provide protection for injuries and property damage to other people that are sustained as a direct result of your negligence. “Your” may mean yourself, family members living in your household, and anyone with permission to drive your vehicle. So, in this case, liability coverage is designed to protect others, when negligence on your behalf has been proven.
  • Lastly, Med Pay coverage on your N.C. auto insurance policy is designed to protect the driver and any passengers in your vehicle, up to specified limits, who suffer injuries and incur medical bills as a result of an auto accident, regardless of fault.

Are my family members covered under my auto insurance policy?

Yes, you and any members of the household listed on your auto insurance policy are covered drivers. The vehicle receives the same coverage regardless of who is driving, as long as that person has permission (implied or expressed) to operate the vehicle. Non-permissive use is a situation that may exclude coverage, but would need to be discussed with your local N.C. independent insurance agent.

Can my insurance company research my driving record? 

Yes, they absolutely can and do. Insurance companies have access to your driving record via CLUE (Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange) and MVR (Motor Vehicle Report). These reports display your driving history for the last 5 years as well as any driving offenses you have. The results of these reports significantly impact your insurance rate.

Does the police report mandate fault? 

The police report will generally indicate fault/charges and this will be used as an aid to the investigation to determine liability. Most likely if the police report assigns blame to one person, the insurance adjuster/company will follow suit; however, each situation is unique and investigations are thorough to determine fault.

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The good news is that we, at Paramount Insurance Agency, are here to assist you with any questions you may have regarding your N.C. auto insurance policy or coverage issues. The more you understand about auto insurance, the better choices you will make regarding the right type of auto insurance to meet your specific needs.