classic car insuranceIf you are one of those people that loves the hunt for that perfect antique car or has decided to rebuild that limited edition car sitting in your garage, then you know how much fun, passion, and time is involved. At the same time you know that any protection needed/required for these special antique collection cars is anything but ordinary. Extraordinary cars require extraordinary protection so before you take your vintage baby out for a spin, there are some things you should know about insuring classic cars.

Old Doesn’t Always Mean Classic

Not every “old” car is considered classic, antique or vintage; however if your car is 25-30 years old with a value that is higher than the original selling price, it may be considered a collectible or classic and most likely will need to be insured with classic car coverage. If you are in question of whether your car needs specialized car insurance, contact your local N.C. independent insurance agent to inquire.

Some other vehicles that may require classic car insurance, other than those just mentioned, include:

  • Muscle Cars
  • Luxury Vehicles
  • Hotrods
  • Customized Vehicles
  • Classic Trucks
  • And More 

Any specialized car required to have custom insurance will have the protection that is unique because no two cars are the same.

Situations to Consider When Insuring Your Classic Car  

  • Agreed Value of Your Car- If a covered loss should happen, your classic car insurance is designed to compensate you for the agreed value of the car established between you and your insurer (less any applicable deductibles) and will be specified in your auto policy. However, keep in mind that as time goes by, your car value will most likely increase, so keep communication with your N.C. independent insurance agent open so this “agreed value” stays current.
  • Towing of Your Car- If your car should need to be towed, it requires specialized treatment in the transport of your antique car. Your specialized car insurance policy recognizes this need.
  • Repair or Restoration Work to Your Car- If work needs to be done on your collectible car it will be costly and with the classic car auto insurance, you will have the flexibility of having the work performed at the specialty shop of your choice to ensure the work performed is just as extraordinary as your vintage treasure.

Your N.C. Independent Insurance Agent Needs to Know

If you have any questions regarding a specific auto you have or to one you may be considering doing a restore overhaul, it is always recommended you contact your local N.C. independent insurance agent to discuss every detail of that particular car, your driving history, intended use of the vehicle, anticipated storage situation, and any intent to go to car shows. All of these factors can help assess your particular auto insurance needs. Paramount Insurance Agency is here for you to answer any and all questions regarding your prized possession and how to secure an insurance policy that protects your special set of wheels TODAY! Call us at 866-869-3335.