Would Your Truck and Trailer be Covered if Damaged in a Riot?The year 2020 brought along many difficult situations that changed the world as we knew it.  Along with a Pandemic, the year brought about many property losses due to riots, civil commotion and vandalism.  Streets all over the U.S. were swarmed with protesters and rioters which certainly created civil unrest in our communities, along with prompting a new set of exposures for the trucking industry. These difficult times have made trucking business owners take a new approach to protecting their trucks and trailers. Ask yourself  “In a riot, would  your truck and/or trailer be covered?”

Business Solutions to Provide Peace of Mind During Those Unpeaceful Times, Such as a Riot

Riots, civil unrest, and vandalism can wreak havoc on business owners resulting in damages to trucks, trailers, business personal property, and goods so it is crucial to have the proper commercial insurance coverage that will adequately protect your business if such situations ensue within your community.  We, at Paramount Insurance Agency, understand your business concerns during these volatile times and are here to offer sound business solutions that will ensure compensation for damages/losses created by civil unrest, riots, and vandalism.

If your trucking business suffers a loss due to a riot, vandalism or civil commotion, you need to be aware of what that means regarding your physical damage policy.  Losses typically caused by these types of situations are usually covered on both “all risk” business policies as well as “named peril” but it is key to review your policy for exclusions.  This is how we can assist you!  We can review your current N.C. business policy and assess any unique challenges and from there can provide a stand-alone policy that will cover your truck, trailer, and equipment for damages caused by riot, vandalism, or civil unrest.

If Your Business, Truck or Trailer Suffers a Loss…

Consider the following guidelines should a riot ensue and your truck, trailer, and/or equipment sustain(s) damage.

Report the Claim Immediately- Call the police right away for speedy assistance and let your N.C. independent insurance agent know of your loss as soon as possible.  If the situation is safe, you should document the damages with photos.

Mitigate Further Damages- If possible, take action to prevent additional damages, but only if it is safe to do so.  Never compromise the safety of yourself or your drivers during these unpeaceful situations.

Document Damages- Documenting your damages and expenses will help speed up the claims handling process and allow for a fairer compensation that reflects the value of the damages.  Make sure you take photos of the damages and document all expenses by saving receipts and proof of payments.

Acknowledge Waiting Periods- Be aware that there may be a waiting period or applicable deductibles that may apply before any claim payment will be issued.

Never underestimate the damages that a riot, civil commotion or vandalism can do to your trucking business.  Without the proper business insurance protection, you may be faced with some serious financial consequences. Don’t wait!  Call us TODAY at 866-869-3335 with any questions or concerns you may have regarding the protection you need right now should a riot ensue in your community.  We are here for all your N.C. trucking business insurance needs.