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Special Insurance Program For High Value Homes

North Carolina High Value HomesIf you’re affluent and own a high value home, you have unique insurance needs and require special insurance protection designed specifically for high value homeowners. Just any off-the-shelf homeowners insurance policy won’t give you the peace of mind knowing your investment is protected.

Here at Paramount Insurance, we can help you get the right protection for your needs. Plus, since we offer insurance protection for high value homes from some of North Carolina’s top insurers of high value homes, we can find your protection at a competitive price for you. Companies like Travelers, Central, Safeco and Metlife are all recognized for their superior claims service and financial strength. This is one time you don’t want to trust your valuable assets with just any insurance company.

The Most Responsible Homeowners Deserve to Pay Lower Premiums

Our companies that offer high value homeowners insurance recognize that although the risk of insuring high value homes can cost more when a claim occurs, they understand that the frequency of claims occurring is much lower. Responsibility plays a major role when underwriting insurance and more responsible people should be rewarded for protecting their property and avoiding claims with lower premiums.

Combine Policies For Greater Peace of Mind and Savings

If you combine your other insurance needs with Paramount Insurance such as personal umbrella, valuable items, vacation homes, boat, yacht, cars and more, you’ll not enjoy having a personal and friendly North Carolina licensed agent helping you with all of your insurance needs but you’ll also get your insurance protection at a lower cost.

A special policy called the HE7/21 provides the best coverage for high value homes but is not offered by all insurance companies. You’ll need an agent that specializes in protecting high value homes to get this policy. Here are some it’s special features:

Increased limits on:

  • Money, gold, silver, securities, accounts, jewelry, firearms, silverware and business property
  • Other structures
  • Debris removal, damage to trees, loss assessment, credit cards and forgery

Additional coverages included in the HE-7/21 and not covered by the standard North Carolina HO-3 policy

  • Agreed value for scheduled personal property
  • Loss from power interruption
  • Refrigerated property
  • Loss from water and sewer backup
  • Liability coverage for directors and officers of not for profit organizations
  • And more.

To learn more about the specific coverage, limits and exclusions on any of our high value home insurance policies, please give us a call.

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