There are a number of factors that can affect your claim.

First, does your policy require you to take appropriate measures to protect the boat and if so, what do they require?

Second, is there a separate deductible for hurricane damage. Many policies will contain a separate deductible for this such as a 1% or even a 10% deductible. This is a percentage of the hull coverage amount.

Third, what type of policy do you have, agreed value or actual cash value? This will make a huge difference in the amount you receive. An actual cash value policy will deduct for depreciation and can greatly reduce the amount paid.

Fourth, is there a specified navigational restriction on your policy. Some boat or yacht insurance policies will require the vessel to be located outside of hurricane prone areas during hurricane season. For example, many will require the vessel to be north of Florida between June 1st and November 30th.

You really need to speak with a licensed agent that understands boat insurance to get the right boat insurance policy for your needs.