Business Needs for Your N.C. RestaurantAs a restaurant owner, there are many obligations and responsibilities associated with your type of business so staying on top of these is imperative to the success of your restaurant. However, sometimes, things go wrong and if you wait until AFTER that happens to worry, you may be faced with a restaurant shut down.  Do you understand the business insurance for your N.C. restaurant?

Preparation is Protection 

Take a moment to consider this situation at your restaurant. What if your business experiences a power outage that lasts for days, resulting in spoilage of your entire food inventory?  Without food, you can’t service customers and now you are faced with a restaurant shut down until the entire inventory has been replaced. Does your current N.C. restaurant insurance provide the right type of business coverage for this type of incident?

Below Are Some of the Typical Needed Coverage Options Your N.C. Restaurant May Need:

  • Spoilage
  • Business Income Coverage
  • Equipment Breakdown/Malfunction
  • Legal/Defense Fees
  • General Liability
  • Business Owners Policy
  • Liquor Liability

* Learn more about these coverage options by contacting your local N.C. independent insurance agent.

Your restaurant is dependent on customers, employers, food suppliers, and the insurance that covers it. So, if a situation occurs such as a fire that damages your building, refrigeration malfunction, a slip and fall, or equipment breakdown, you will be adequately protected with the right type of restaurant insurance that fits all of your business needs. Paramount Insurance understands that your restaurant is unique and needs to have a distinctive business policy that custom fits all of your needs.

When the unthinkable happens, your goals as a restaurant owner is to get back on your feet as quickly as possible to continue the customer service and memorable dining experience your customers expect and deserve.

Focus on Your Restaurant and Let Us Focus on Your Insurance 

An unexpected hit to your restaurant can be financially devastating if you aren’t prepared before it happens. If a customer slips and falls, you may be slapped with a hefty lawsuit and defense costs that could jeopardize your reputation and the success of your restaurant. Your restaurant obligations are a juggling act in itself, so contact your local N.C independent insurance agent TODAY to discuss your coverage options AND policy exclusions outlined in your current N.C. business policy. Find out today if your restaurant is adequately protected!