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What is the Best Vehicle for Your Teen Driver?

It seems like just yesterday that your child was merely a child, but now he/she is old enough to drive and the search for the right type of car begins. Your teen driver may only be concerned with the color, body style, or horsepower, but safety is one thing that needs to be explored before any type of car is purchased. When shopping for cars, do you know what is the best vehicle for your teen driver? The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) puts out a yearly list of new vehicle safety ratings with the safest cars earning the Top Safety Pick+ and the next tier of safe vehicles ranked as Top Safety Pick. [...]

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100 Most Dangerous Days for Teen Drivers

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the period between Memorial Day and Labor Day is the most dangerous time for drivers age 15-20.  Even though summer doesn't officially begin until June 21, for most people, mentally, it starts on Memorial Day beginning the 100 most dangerous days for teen drivers. The joys of summer (more freedom, feeling more carefree, better weather) can unfortunately create higher risks for teen drivers. Less supervision, fewer schedules, staying out later at night with friends can lead to more risk taking and irresponsible behavior. So what's a parent to do? First, if you haven't already done so, download the Parent/Teen Driver contract from my website and execute it [...]

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Back to School Driving Tips for Parents and Teen Drivers

It is already August and there are “back to school” signs up everywhere to remind you and your kids that school is right around the corner!  Preparing for back to school is more than just buying pens, pencils, clothes, and books.  For those parents who have teen drivers in the household, it means your teen MAY be driving to and from school and safety must be enforced.  Back to school driving tips for parents and teen drivers is a must to discuss! Common Factors That May Lead to Accidents There are many contributing factors that may increase the risk of an accident for teen drivers.  Regardless of how much driving your teen has done, there [...]

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The 6 Most Dangerous Mistakes That Teen Drivers Make

You have a teenager who just turned 16 and off he/she goes to get their long awaited driver’s license. It is an exciting time for everyone in the family.  Suddenly your teen is able to drive the car to all of the practices, schools, and errands, freeing you up from all the driving you have done the last 16 years. What’s NOT so exciting is when something bad happens to your teen driver behind the wheel of the car.  Being aware of the 6 most dangerous mistakes that teen drivers make is your first step to promoting safety on the roads. (1) Distracted Driving Teenagers are easily distracted regardless of where they are; but being [...]

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Tips for Driving Safely Around Tractor Trailers

One of the learning experiences young drivers get at the StreetSafe Teen Driving program is the awareness of how dangerous driving near tractor trailers is. Old Dominion Freight sends a driver and his truck to teach the teens how to avoid one of the most dangerous situations they can experience on the highway. Participants climb into the truck to realize just how little these drivers can see around their rig. No pun intended but it is a real “eye opener”! Here are some tips for driving safely around tractor trailers that I thought all drivers should be aware of. Stay Out of Truck Blind Spots or “No Zones”– Just as your car has blind spots, [...]

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New Session Added for March 8th StreetSafe Teen Driver Safety Program

Paramount Insurance proudly supports the StreetSafe Teen Driving Experience! Word about the benefits of the StreetSafe teen driver safety program is spreading across the Triad and classes are filling up faster every month. Since StreetSafe came to the Piedmont Triad almost 5 years ago, the number of students getting this life saving experience has grown to over 145 during peak months. There are a number of options for parents that can help their teens become safer drivers but what makes StreetSafe so unique is that the program was created and taught by emergency first responders. These are those professionals that work every day in keeping our roads safe and are there when [...]

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Why we are committed to helping parents of teen drivers

A little over seven years ago, I got a call from a long time client of mine. Little did I know, this call was about to change the way I look at my business and how I help my clients. When I answered the phone, I knew instantly something was terribly wrong. He’s voice was strained and I could tell he was about to tell me something really bad. Then the words came out. “Tom, my son Chris died Sunday night in a car accident.” My heart sunk. There was a long pause and I could tell he was in the worst pain any father could ever experience. I didn’t know what to say. Then [...]

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Help Make More Teens Safer Drivers- Spots Open September 8th

Just got off the phone with Doug Darrell, the founder and director of StreetSafe Teen Driving Experience. This is a four hour course taught by emergency first responders providing the ultimate education and experience of the most common mistakes teen drivers make and how they should avoid them. Well, Doug told me if we can fill up the morning session in the next few days, they will add a second session for the September 8th event giving up to 70 more teen drivers the opportunity to experience StreetSafe. . Here's what your teen driver will experience: The inside session features real life stories and videos of how teens destroyed their lives and others while driving [...]

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