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Trucking Insurance

The Correlation Between SAFER and FMCSA

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is the chief federal government agency that focuses on and regulates transportation in the United States.  Their mission emphasizes safety on the roadways involving commercial trucking companies, commercial motor vehicles, buses and those driving with a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License).  Part of the FMCSA’s job includes overseeing, handling, and providing the information in Safety and Fitness Electronic Records (SAFER). Hence, the basic correlation between SAFER and FMCSA. The material available in SAFER’s links comes from data that is founded and provided by the FMCSA and typically include the following areas for review when providing insurance: Licensing and Insurance- The Licensing and Insurance links have information from the OP1 [...]

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Insuring Flatbed Trailers

Flatbed trucks are larger than normal trucks that are designed to haul heavy and oversized loads.  While there are many perks of using flatbed trucks (no special constrictions, easy access, easy to secure cargo as opposed to securing cargo in a four-walled truck) there are just as many inherent risks involved that need to be addressed when considering the insurance protection you need.  Find out what you should know about insuring flatbed trailers. Driving a flatbed truck means driving and hauling cargo in an opened area which poses a higher risk for liability compared to other trucks on the road.  Whether you hit potholes, have to stop suddenly in congested traffic, or you fail to [...]

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Get Certificates of Insurance on Demand 24/7!

One of the biggest headaches contractors, trucking companies and other companies face are job delays due to waiting on certificates of insurance. We get calls all of the time from these business owners who are looking for a new agent complaining that their current agent takes too long to generate COI’s. One trucking owner operator told me last week that his agent takes more than 48 hours to send the COI. And if one is needed on a weekend or holiday, it takes even longer. No More! Here at Paramount Insurance, you can get instant certificates of insurance on demand 24/7! That’s right. We are committed to making your life easier. As a business owner, [...]

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How to Get New Trucking Authority

Working for a trucking company is one thing, but working for yourself has many perks and benefits of which you may want to be aware.  Being your own boss allows for operational autonomy, but if you aren’t aware of how to get new trucking authority, it may seem tricky and complicated, but it doesn’t have to be.  If working for YOU seems appealing and you want to find out how to get new trucking authority, read on. Trucking Authority Defined Trucking authority, sometimes referred to as “motor carrier authority,” is needed for those who want to start their own trucking company.  Basically it is permission granted by the government that allows you to get paid [...]

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N.C. Trucking Insurance for New Ventures

The trucking industry is a risky type of business, which means without having the right type of trucking insurance, you could be faced with some tremendous financial issues that could put you out of business. If you are a new venture driver, you need insurance for trucking auto liability along with physical damage coverage so it is vital that you find the right type of N.C. trucking insurance for new ventures that provides the protection you need and deserve as a start up trucking company.  As a new venture trucker, your job is to haul freight and transport goods; however, this profession is volatile and protecting the products you transport is vital. Not only that, [...]

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Insurance for Your Trucking Business for Small Motor Carriers

As a trucking business owner, you realize that your business is not only vastly specialized, but is inherently risky which is why having the best coverage for your trucking needs is crucial for not only the protection of your business, but the success of your business as well. Finding the right type of insurance for your trucking business for small motor carriers is more problematic than a standard home or car insurance policy because there are merely a few insurance agents in NC, SC, and VA that can provide the coverage options that you may need. We Offer Many Trucking Company Insurance Solutions Paramount Insurance Agency is a N.C. independent insurance agency that is here [...]

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Insurance Coverage Options for Your Specific Trucking Needs

If you are in the trucking or transportation industry, you know the importance of having insurance that offers much needed protection for so many various situations. The damages caused by trucking accidents can be exorbitant so having the right type of insurance coverage is something that must be routinely evaluated to ensure you have the insurance coverage options for your specific trucking needs. If not, you could be faced with a devastatingly problematic situation if you are involved in a catastrophic accident only to find there are coverage gaps. Perhaps you are in the trucking industry and have been faced with some financial challenges in the last year. Because of the financial strain, you decide [...]

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Does Your Trucking Business Need Trailer Interchange or Non-owned Trailer Insurance?

In the trucking industry, there are many circumstances that can occur when a carrier is transporting goods that are not clearly defined and may be confusing if you don’t know the facts surrounding the transport situation. Truckers use trailers belonging to other people every day to haul specifics to another location, but does your trucking business need trailer interchange or non-owned trailer insurance coverage when transporting goods? Get the Coverage You Need The terms “trailer interchange” and “non-owned trailer” often are used simultaneously, but there are differences between the two types of coverage and it is critical that everyone on board knows the differences. Getting the coverage your trucking business needs CAN be different than [...]

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What is the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)?

If you are in the business of shipping, transporting, receiving food, or insuring those who are, then you need to pay attention to the FSMA regarding the safety of food that is non-packaged for animal or human consumption. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has publicized this Act citing that “contaminated” foods should not be permitted in the food supply chain going to either animals or people.  So, what is the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)? This rule (FSMA), that is government regulated, changes the relationship between the transportation companies and the shipper when it comes to the transportation of food, because now there is an Act that is 283 pages long that places the [...]

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Tips for Driving Safely Around Tractor Trailers

One of the learning experiences young drivers get at the StreetSafe Teen Driving program is the awareness of how dangerous driving near tractor trailers is. Old Dominion Freight sends a driver and his truck to teach the teens how to avoid one of the most dangerous situations they can experience on the highway. Participants climb into the truck to realize just how little these drivers can see around their rig. No pun intended but it is a real “eye opener”! Here are some tips for driving safely around tractor trailers that I thought all drivers should be aware of. Stay Out of Truck Blind Spots or “No Zones”– Just as your car has blind spots, [...]

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