The 5 Most Common Homeowners Insurance ClaimsWhen you purchase your home, you may look at many different homes before deciding which one is just the right home for you and your family; but do you take the time to do the same thing when researching what type of homeowners insurance coverage you need? If you haven’t, you should! Being aware of the 5 most common homeowners insurance claims is your first step in the right direction when deciding on coverage options that offer the right protection for your home.

Five Most Common Homeowners Insurance Claims

Below are the 5 most common claims for homeowners with advice on how to avoid problems with each one.


Water is the number 1 cause of most homeowners claims. Whether it comes from a busted water pipe, leak, overflow or a busted water heater, water has the potential to cause an enormous amount of damage to your home. Keep in mind that damages to your home can also be caused from flooding; however, this is NOT covered under a homeowners policy and requires a separate flood insurance policy.


Hailstorms can happen anywhere, and even small hailstorms can damage roofs, shatter windows, destroy shrubbery, and leave indentations in siding, resulting in thousands of dollars of damage to your property. Take timely action if you discover damage to your home by doing the following:

  • Promptly notify your N.C. insurance agent
  • Take photos of the damage PRIOR to any repairs being made
  • Take action to prevent further damage (ex: covering any exposed areas/holes with a tarp)

Learn more about hail and how insurance covers hail damage by talking with your local N.C. independent insurance agent.


Heavy winds can lead to a hefty list of repairs that need to be done to your home. Wind is one of the most destructive forces, leading to major amounts of homeowners insurance claims. Winds from tornados and hurricanes can damage your home in the blink of an eye. Learning how to prepare for wind-related weather accidents is a must. Contact your local independent insurance agent for tips on wind, tornado and hurricane safety!

Weight of Ice and Snow on Roofs

Winter may bring heavy bouts of snow and ice, which can wreak havoc on your roof. Fortunately, there are ways you can protect your home/roof from melting/heavy snow and ice. Your local independent insurance agent can answer questions on whether your homeowners insurance policy will cover damages to your roof should it collapse due to snow and ice.

If you do suffer a loss to your roof from the weight of snow and ice, you must assume some risk in protecting your home from further damages. This means you must take reasonable steps to move inventory or personal property to another location where it will not be exposed to weather or theft.


Fires have many causes, some of which could be caused by candles, portable heaters, fireplaces, oven, and dryers, to name a few. Knowing how to protect your home from this threat is a must! Your N.C. independent insurance agent can provide you with some basic tips to protect your family, your home, and personal contents from this danger.

Be informed and Stay Safe

After meeting with your N.C. independent insurance agent with all of your questions, make sure you read your policy well so that you are fully informed on the coverage options that your homeowners insurance policy affords. This way you can protect what may be your biggest asset…your home.

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