Anything can happen when it comes to water. Whether it is a hurricane, tidal wave, or torrential downpour, water can cause flooding but what if your sewer or sump pump backs up or your toilet overflows? Will your standard N.C. homeowners policy protect your home from the damages these things may cause? It is important to understand water damage basics when you purchase a N.C. homeowners insurance policy, so you will know what your coverage includes and excludes.

Not All Water Losses Are Covered Under Your N.C. Homeowners Policy

Even with an extended homeowners insurance policy, some losses caused by water still may not be covered so you need to know which ones are typically covered and which ones are not. Always, when in doubt, contact your local N.C. independent insurance agent with all of your coverage questions regarding losses caused by water damage.

Below are some sources of water damage that can create extensive damage:

  • Flooding– this occurs when dry land is overcome with water (ex: mudflow, overflow of inland or tidal water)
  • Subsurface Water– this occurs when water below the ground seeps up through a structure (ex: sidewalk, foundation)
  • Overflow– this is caused by a clog or blockage of pipes, creating water in your home
  • Water Backup– this is the reverse of the direction of typical water flow (ex: toilet or sewer back up) resulting in water damage

Add That Endorsement for a Nominal Fee!

There are endorsements available that can extend coverage on your N.C. homeowners policy, protecting your home from damages resulting from sewer or drainage backup and overflow of your sump pump system. Your local independent insurance agent is here for you to explain the endorsement for Water Back Up and Sump Discharge or Overflow coverage in more detail.

Soggy Basements Can Be Costly 

Water Damage BasicsSoggy basements are always a cause for concern when it happens in your home. Did you know that if you add the Water Back Up and Sump Discharge or Overflow Endorsement you would be covered for damages as long as the water came from the sump pump, sewer or drain? Keep in mind though that if the water enters the basement through the walls or floor, this is considered to be flooding or subsurface water which may or may not be covered under a separate Flood insurance policy. *Damages from flood and subsurface water are excluded under the N.C. homeowners policy. 

Mitigate Your Damages if a Loss Occurs

Unfortunately, water damage can also be caused from frozen or broken pipes and in some cases may be covered under your N.C. homeowners policy; but if you don’t take the necessary steps to prevent that loss from occurring, your policy may not provide the necessary coverage. For example, if you leave your home for the winter and fail to leave the heat on, resulting in frozen pipes that burst, then those damages may not be covered.

30 Day Waiting Period May Exist

If you decide to purchase these referenced endorsements at the time you purchase your homeowners policy or at renewal, the coverage will typically kick in right away; however, if you add it in the middle of your insurance term, it may mean waiting 30 days for coverage to take effect.

Don’t wait! Contact your local N.C. independent insurance agent TODAY for advice on getting the best protection your home deserves from potential water damage.