Wedding InsuranceYou have been dating for years now and finally, you both have decided to tie the knot! Plans are being made from all angles as you prepare for your new life together. Making decisions about the guest list, the reception venue, the flowers, the food, and the honeymoon can be exciting, yet the list can go on endlessly and become overwhelming. If you spend time and effort to make these decisions, it will all turn out like a fairytale and be a picture perfect wedding, right? Maybe, but what if it doesn’t? Will you be prepared? Wedding insurance: say, “yes!”

Reception Nightmare

Imagine if THIS happens to YOU! Your reception venue has been carefully chosen, all the details of the food and beverages have been finalized, and the deposit made, but you find out a month before your wedding that the reception site is shutting down BEFORE your wedding. Panic sets in and you ask yourself, “what next?” If you had wedding event insurance, you could put your mind at ease. Event insurance typically covers unanticipated and sudden issues like these related to the reception site, inclement weather, vendor no-shows, or illness/injury. Finding a new reception venue may end up costing more, but having event insurance can provide the protection for those uninvited mishaps that can and do happen!

Don’t Worry; Be Happy

Did you know that the average cost of a wedding today exceeds $30,000? That is quite costly when you think of how hard you have to work to earn that kind of money. A great investment can lead to great devastation if something goes wrong and you don’t have the proper wedding insurance in place.

You invest time, money, and energy to plan for the wedding, yet planning for all the things that could go wrong, may just seem wrong. This is where meeting with your local N.C. independent insurance agent about wedding insurance can put your mind at rest, knowing that if something does goes wrong, it can be made right! This huge investment needs to be protected.

Take Inventory

Getting married means getting lots of wedding gifts and possibly a very expensive ring. Would you be prepared if someone broke into your home and stole all of the wedding presents or if you lost or had your engagement ring stolen? Nobody likes to think of these unfortunate events taking place, but it happens all the time!

As soon as the wedding rings have been purchased, THAT is the time to consult with your local N.C. independent insurance agent to get protection for their collectible value. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

There is protection that you can secure to cover yourself from potential loss, whether it’s wedding rings or the gifts.   Policies typically cover a specific period of time before or after the wedding and require you to file a police report if something does go missing.

After the wedding, you can check with your N.C. independent agent about whether you need to purchase more personal property coverage or add any scheduled endorsements for your new valuables, such as silver or china. You will need to take inventory of these items along with pictures to take to your local independent insurance agent to determine how much, if any, is needed.

Make Wedding Insurance a Priority in Your To-Do List

Talk with your vendors and venues about their insurance coverage to help establish where you might need additional coverage. Then, work with an independent insurance agent to purchase wedding insurance that is right for you and your wedding.

Unforeseen instances can happen whether it’s before your wedding, during your wedding, or during your honeymoon so make sure you protect your investment while putting your mind at ease. These should be happy times, not worrisome times. Congratulations on your new life together!