Streetsafe facebook bannerJust got off the phone with Doug Darrell, the founder and director of StreetSafe Teen Driving Experience. This is a four hour course taught by emergency first responders providing the ultimate education and experience of the most common mistakes teen drivers make and how they should avoid them. Well, Doug told me if we can fill up the morning session in the next few days, they will add a second session for the September 8th event giving up to 70 more teen drivers the opportunity to experience StreetSafe. .

Here’s what your teen driver will experience:

The inside session features real life stories and videos of how teens destroyed their lives and others while driving carelessly, under the influence and making foolish decisions. Police drug and alcohol experts and accident investigators explain how in a split second, lives can be forever changed.

safe drivingThere are six exercises outside where they will get behind-the-wheel experience (in a controlled, safe environment) of what happens when an inexperienced driver makes the most common mistakes. Driving too close, driving too fast in a turn, distracted while driving, the effects of alcohol behind the wheel, not wearing a seat belt and driving too close to tractor trailers (a real eye opener).

Parents will spend 90 minutes with me and Judge Tom Jarrell learning about increased liability exposure with a teen driver and how you can protect your financial future should your teen make a costly mistake.

My goal is to fill up both morning and afternoon sessions to give as many teen drivers possible the knowledge and experience they need to drive safely and more responsible. Death by motor vehicle is the number one killer of young drivers.

Where: Western Guilford High School in Greensboro, NC
When September 8th 9am and (hopefully) 2pm
Cost: $55
Who can attend: Drivers 15 to 24 (must have a valid drivers license or learners permit)
How to register: Click Here

street safe drivingParents rave about the quality of this program. After they see if for themselves, they comment about how StreetSafe should be REQUIRED for all new drivers. We agree, but for now, we need help promoting the program and do what we can to reach more young drivers. Please help us spread the word by sharing this on Facebook or pass on this link to your friends who are parents of teen drivers, especially those parents your teen may be riding with!

Thank you for your support!