SMS SnapshotTrucking companies are now facing harsh regulatory action from the federal government. The FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) enacted the CSA program (Compliance, Safety and Accountability) to monitor 5 primary behavior analysis and safety improvement categories (BASICs). Each of these categories are scored with a SMS (Safety Measurement System) score. When any of these scores reach high levels, the trucking company can be at risk of being shut down.

Now that I have defined all of these acronyms, let me get into the meat of this article.

In recent weeks, hundreds of motor carriers have been shut down due to high scores resulting from maintenance issues, poor drug testing, driver fatigue, driving violations to mention a few. Although the primary purpose of this program is to make our roads safer which makes sense, these new regulatory actions are catching motor carriers off guard. Many don’t realize the danger they are in until it’s too late.

For this reason along with our commitment to protecting trucking companies not only with quality insurance protection but with tools to help them become and remain profitable for the long haul, we are proud to announce a free service offered to our trucking clients.

This SMS Monitoring service is designed to notify our clients before any of the five SMS categories rise within 10 points of alert status allowing the trucking company to take immediate action to avoid government intervention. We also provide tools to help get SMS scores under control allowing you to focus on your business instead of the government hound dogs.

If you own a trucking business and want peace of mind knowing your business is safe from government crackdown, give my office a call today at 866-869-3335. We’ll be glad to show you more about this service and send you a link to see your current SMS scores.