October is National Cyber Security Month

Cyber Security That Your Business May Need

Cyber security is big news today!  The technological capabilities in our computer-based society comes with many perks and advantages; however, it can also lead to cyber attacks from criminals that fixate on hacking into businesses just like yours.  In recent years, there has been a surge in criminal activity from hackers.  This type of criminal activity can ultimately lead to your business demise by exposing the identity of yourself along with customers, while compromising the integrity of your business and reputation.  Are you aware of and prepared for what could happen to your business if there was a cyber security breach?  If not, you may want to find out more about the type of cyber security that your business may need.

What is Your Game Plan?   

You have worked hard to build your business and business reputation.  In fact, you have established a solid trust among your customers, until you find out that overnight your business computers were hacked, and all of your valuable data has been stolen and information on all your clients has been exposed.  This is bad enough, but now you must contact each person that has been breached and advise that their personal information (social security #, date of birth, credit card numbers, and addresses) has been stolen and now their identity is floating around for anyone to steal.  Now you are faced with a damaged reputation and are faced with exorbitant costs to rectify the situation.

Cyber criminals spend significant time and invest knowledge to seek out loopholes you may have within databases, software, and networks.  Once detected, they are IN.  Every business is subject to falling victim to cybersecurity incidents and BEFORE it happens to your business, you need a game plan.

Some Key Tips to Avoid Cyber Crime

Regardless of how safe you are, you still may encounter cyber crime within your business; however, you can minimize your risks of it happening by taking certain precautions.  Below are a few ways you can reduce the chance of a cyber attack: 

Know That Any Business Can be a Target- Instead of thinking your computers, software, and networks are fool proof, think again.  Keep in mind that cyber attacks happen to all businesses, but small to medium sized businesses are more of a target.  This is why you should always be prepared and protected.

Form a Response Team- Comprise a group of computer savvy people who are trained to assess damages typical of cyber attacks and have that group in place should your business fall victim.  By having this team in place, they are ready to assess damages that were caused by any type of security breach, investigate, and resolve all issues.

Encrypt Valuable Data- Any valuable/personal data should be encrypted if you want added security for your private files. Your main goal here is to prevent any unauthorized user(s) access to your computer.

Routinely Update Your Databases- Updates to your computer are there for a reason, perhaps to fix certain issues or glitches as well as a way to impose the latest safety technology to minimize the risks of cyber criminal activity.  Hackers specialize in finding weak spots in databases and networks and once they access it, you could face some serious financial and business setbacks. 

Acknowledge That Some Software Can Send False Alarms- The Intrusion Detection Software has been known to sometimes send off a false alarm when citing “cyber danger”; however, never let your guard down.  Many times it may be a false alarm, but consider every notice to be a real threat.

Cyber Crime Insurance 

The news is filled with businesses being hacked and identities and valuable information stolen.  Don’t wait until it happens to your N.C. business to get the protection you need.

The good news is that Paramount Insurance Agency is here to assist with all your N.C. business needs and can discuss cyber security insurance coverage that can protect you, your customers, and your business reputation.  Call us TODAY at 336-869-3335 to discuss the type of protection that your business needs at a price you can afford.