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How to Get New Trucking Authority

How to Get New Trucking Authority  If you have ever wanted to join the trucking industry as your own boss, now may be a great time!  Working on a new venture as your own boss may have the benefits and perks you have been seeking, so if that sparks your interest, do you know how to get new trucking authority?  Trucking authority, otherwise referred to as “motor carrier authority”, is required if you wish to pursue your own trucking company. The good news is that once granted by the government, you can begin handling YOUR trucking business under your own Motor Carrier (MC) number.  Guidelines to Attain Your New Trucking Authority:   Decide on Your Type [...]

How to Get New Trucking Authority2024-03-22T07:52:36-05:00

Trucking Business and Covered Exposures

If you are in the trucking industry or own a trucking company, you know that having the right insurance is vital.  Keep in mind that not just any insurance will do.  You need to make sure that the trucking insurance you have reflects the risk exposures most prevalent to your business and will meet your specific trucking needs.  You may assume that insurance covers everything, but what kind of things and situations are actually covered?  Find out whether your trucking business is protected from these types of exposures. Below are Some Typical Exposures/Scenarios That Can be Covered, but Not Limited to: Your Truck and Other Property  Your truck is vandalized Your truck is involved in [...]

Trucking Business and Covered Exposures2021-04-22T16:26:55-05:00

Trucking Insurance and Common Mistakes

If you are currently in the trucking business or looking to do a startup business in the future, you need to invest in the right type of insurance protection.  Protection for your livelihood is key if you want to be successful in your business so it is essential to find the best insurance for a value you can afford.  Imagine starting a new trucking business and beginning the search for insurance only to find the one that sounded too good to be true was a “cookie cutter” insurance policy that provided many holes in the coverage you needed.  Before you sign on the dotted line, beware and try to know trucking insurance and common mistakes [...]

Trucking Insurance and Common Mistakes2021-04-22T15:58:21-05:00

5 Ways to Get the Lowest Rates on Trucking Insurance

Whether your trucking business is seasoned or a new venture, trucking insurance will be one of your greatest expenses. And unfortunately, rates continue to rise. So, how do you keep your insurance expenses down for the long haul? Here are 5 ways to get the lowest rates on trucking insurance. Maintain Clean Driving Records- Your drivers can make a huge impact on your trucking insurance premiums. Insurance companies know that claim settlements resulting from trucking accidents can be astronomical. Statistically, a driving record with just one traffic violation will lead to an increased probability of claims from accidents. Before hiring a driver, run a Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) so you won’t be surprised when your [...]

5 Ways to Get the Lowest Rates on Trucking Insurance2020-05-08T08:37:32-05:00

How to Get New Trucking Authority

Working for a trucking company is one thing, but working for yourself has many perks and benefits of which you may want to be aware.  Being your own boss allows for operational autonomy, but if you aren’t aware of how to get new trucking authority, it may seem tricky and complicated, but it doesn’t have to be.  If working for YOU seems appealing and you want to find out how to get new trucking authority, read on. Trucking Authority Defined Trucking authority, sometimes referred to as “motor carrier authority,” is needed for those who want to start their own trucking company.  Basically it is permission granted by the government that allows you to get paid [...]

How to Get New Trucking Authority2021-08-05T08:49:45-05:00

N.C. Trucking Insurance for New Ventures

The trucking industry is a risky type of business, which means without having the right type of trucking insurance, you could be faced with some tremendous financial issues that could put you out of business. If you are a new venture driver, you need insurance for trucking auto liability along with physical damage coverage so it is vital that you find the right type of N.C. trucking insurance for new ventures that provides the protection you need and deserve as a start up trucking company.  As a new venture trucker, your job is to haul freight and transport goods; however, this profession is volatile and protecting the products you transport is vital. Not only that, [...]

N.C. Trucking Insurance for New Ventures2020-08-13T13:42:15-05:00

Insurance Requirements for Hot Shot Trucking Companies

Hot shot trucking can be profitable and rewarding as this type of truck driving position typically pays more than standard truck driving jobs; however, there are insurance requirements for hot shot trucking companies that must be met before considering this line of work. What is a Hot Shot Driver? A hot shot driver typically specializes in express deliveries hauling LTL (less than truck-load mode) and does not require the usage of an entire trailer. Typically, a hot shot driver hauls freight utilizing a gooseneck trailer attached to a heavy duty flat bed truck, works on a tight schedule due to expedited hauling, and spends most of the their travel time regionally. While lucrative, it can [...]

Insurance Requirements for Hot Shot Trucking Companies2019-05-28T22:44:01-05:00

Insurance for Your Trucking Business for Small Motor Carriers

As a trucking business owner, you realize that your business is not only vastly specialized, but is inherently risky which is why having the best coverage for your trucking needs is crucial for not only the protection of your business, but the success of your business as well. Finding the right type of insurance for your trucking business for small motor carriers is more problematic than a standard home or car insurance policy because there are merely a few insurance agents in NC, SC, and VA that can provide the coverage options that you may need. We Offer Many Trucking Company Insurance Solutions Paramount Insurance Agency is a N.C. independent insurance agency that is here [...]

Insurance for Your Trucking Business for Small Motor Carriers2018-12-17T17:51:24-05:00

Insurance Coverage Options for Your Specific Trucking Needs

If you are in the trucking or transportation industry, you know the importance of having insurance that offers much needed protection for so many various situations. The damages caused by trucking accidents can be exorbitant so having the right type of insurance coverage is something that must be routinely evaluated to ensure you have the insurance coverage options for your specific trucking needs. If not, you could be faced with a devastatingly problematic situation if you are involved in a catastrophic accident only to find there are coverage gaps. Perhaps you are in the trucking industry and have been faced with some financial challenges in the last year. Because of the financial strain, you decide [...]

Insurance Coverage Options for Your Specific Trucking Needs2018-10-27T11:39:14-05:00

Does Your Trucking Business Need Trailer Interchange or Non-owned Trailer Insurance?

In the trucking industry, there are many circumstances that can occur when a carrier is transporting goods that are not clearly defined and may be confusing if you don’t know the facts surrounding the transport situation. Truckers use trailers belonging to other people every day to haul specifics to another location, but does your trucking business need trailer interchange or non-owned trailer insurance coverage when transporting goods? Get the Coverage You Need The terms “trailer interchange” and “non-owned trailer” often are used simultaneously, but there are differences between the two types of coverage and it is critical that everyone on board knows the differences. Getting the coverage your trucking business needs CAN be different than [...]

Does Your Trucking Business Need Trailer Interchange or Non-owned Trailer Insurance?2017-10-11T22:58:10-05:00
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